Its iTime: Tik Tok Ipod Nano Watch Review

Its been a good mail day for me out in Montana. First, I get my long awaited new tri-kit from Endurance Nation. Then, I get my long belated Christmas gift from the most awesome wife in the world.

That’s right, after a painful two months, I have finally received my Tik Tok Watch Band for the Ipod Nano. In short, thanks some early financial backing by myself and countless others, a witty designer came up with the coolest way to wear your iPod Nano. And I now have my own for 25 dollars. I could waste more time typing, but instead, I have decided to waste time talking. So here you go, my review of the neatest little gizmo a tri-guy could want.


About Ironvan

From couch potato to Ironman triathlete in 2 years.

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  1. Love my Tit Tok watchband but wanted a bolder look or at least the ability to switch it up in style. Being that I’m an Etsy addict I found a really cool leather nano watchband for under $40 Still debating on getting it, what do you think?

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