Top Ten Signs its Time to Drop Your Triathlete

Despite our crazy triathlete schedules, most of us are able to retain a sense of balance and equality in our lives. If that describes you, then you probably spent a good portion of Valentine’s day reminding your special someones how important they are. How we could never do what we do without their selfless support. How they just simply rock.

Of course, then there are some who truly don’t get it. You know, the ones who went for a four ride or something by themselves on Feb Fourteen. If you were one of those lonely souls watching reruns by yourself while waiting for your significant other to return from the run, ride, swim, it may be time reassess. There are plenty of lists out there on why dating a triathlete is great. But now, I bring you the top ten reasons its time to leave your triathlete in the dust.For the sake of simplicity, I will assume it is a “he.”

10. When you said you wanted to try erotic massage, he bought you a copy of  “Therapeutic Massage In Athletics” and told you it really turns him on when you work his IT Band.

9. For desert, he/she made an entire cake out of Power Bars topped with Gu.

8. He says he hopes his transition go well  next week. He doesn’t have a race for three months.

7. He only wants to go to vacation in Kona, Coeu’r d Alene, Madison, St. George, Lake Placid…..

6. Your last movie night was three hours of NBC Iroman Promo commercials.

5. For your birthday, he gave you a card that said “congratulations on entering the Ironman World Championship Lottery!”

4. The last time you finished getting busy, he jumped up and said, “Yes! A New PR!”

3. You overheard him saying he wants to try out a “different age group.”

2. He named his bike Chrissie. Your name is not Chrissie.

1. He said your position would probably be better if you moved back an inch and up 1/2 an inch.

About Ironvan

From couch potato to Ironman triathlete in 2 years.

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  1. Hilarious! Although I do believe there are lots of men out there with bikes named Chrissie.

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