Transition Week 1 Down

Life is good. Just a quick post from the land of transition. This is the point in my training where I take a small 2 week step back from the Outseason training before beginning the long haul of full on Ironman training. To say that this past week has been relaxed would be like saying Scooby and his friends are meddlers.

Rather than cranking out 100% FTP on the trainer for 60 minutes, I’m cruising along at 70% FTP for about 90 minutes. Running is slow and steady. Swimming has been thrown back in and I had a great session today thanks to some new swim friends.

To recap, I have essentially spent the winter building strength. Now its time to add the volume. While 70% FTP over 90 minutes may not seem like a big deal now, 70% over 4 hours followed by a 6 mile run will is just down the road somewhere. This is backwards to some out there. But, its worked before for me and my teammates. Plus, I’d much rather be riding hours outside when the temperature is above 10 degrees in the Montana spring rather than going insane (further insane?) on the trainer during winter.

One more week of this, then about 3 weeks of general prep. Then its straight on for 12 weeks until CDA.

About Ironvan

From couch potato to Ironman triathlete in 2 years.

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