Bike 1. Ironvan 0.

This post is a nice reminder that even people who spend most of their free time training still have just horrible days.

After yesterdays first real outside run in ages, and today’s aviation puddle jumps across Montana, I was feeling as fresh as a Sumo wrestler’s belt. To boot, thanks to the necessary duties of life, like actually interacting with my family, bathing kids and reading bedtime books, I didn’t get on the saddle until 8:00. The experience that followed over the next 1.5 hours was like riding a bike made out of Chuck Norris….with his foot as a seat.Prescription was 60 minutes with 3X8′ 95-100% FTP  followed by 30 minute brick run. Here’s the damage:

Intervals came out at IF .91, .91, .89. Avg HR was 84% max. Not nearly what I need for the day, but it is done. Dont even get me started on the brick run that followed…Im still going through PTSD from it.

As dreadful as it was, I still had fun pushing myself, and it especially feels good now that I am kicking my feet up. So, for everyone out there who is dreading lacing their shoes tomorrow or about to vomit at the smell of chlorine, realize you have good company. Tomorrow is another day…to have FUN.

About Ironvan

From couch potato to Ironman triathlete in 2 years.

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