Top Ten Signs Charlie Sheen is a Triathlete

Because we just have to know….

#10: The last race you entered had divisions of Age Group, Clydesdale, Masters, and WARLOCK.

#9: Two goddesses were spotted as sherpas at the Malibu Triathlon

#8: In the participant list for Ironman Florida, it says: Charlie Sheen, M, Age: 45, Hometown: Mars, Occupation: Bitching Rock Star.

#7: Cervelo is making a one speed, one gear bike called P2.5 CS

#6: Oh, and said Cervelo comes with new battle tested bayonet forks.

#5: Oh, and with a new Speedfill goggle that lets you drink through your eyes.

#4: He does underwear runs every day, before his first cup of coffee.

#3:The distance for the Ironman was changed to swim 2 feet, bike 30 yards, and walk 10 yards because Charlie Sheen closed his eyes and made it so.

#2: Tiger blood is now on the list of banned substances.

#1: He qualified for Kona because he is always winning. DUH.

About Ironvan

From couch potato to Ironman triathlete in 2 years.

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