1.5 Down. 15 To Go

Im barely 2 weeks into the training plan, and nature has already decided to throw a curve ball. While week 1 went splendidly well, plague decided to visit our house for an extended stay. First my son was sick, then my youngest daughter, and then my wife and me both. Managing my work outs in between all of that has been a challenge. But hey, it wouldn’t be  Ironman training if it wasn’t hard. Yes, I did actually rest too.

This week is pretty much a repeat of last week with a slight increase in the Zone 4 times. So far, I have been able to put in 1X2000y swim, 1:30 Zone 3 ride, 60 min ride with 2X10′ zone 4, and a 10 mile run. Only thing missing is my 60 min run with 1 mile intervals, but I will try to sneak it in tomorrow.

This weekend is looking as fun as ever with 2:30 again on the bike followed by a 30 min run  and then another 1:30 on Sunday.

Nutrition is playing out well thus far. Last week, I nearly passed out running using one scoop of Hammer Perpetuem per hour. Per the directions, I can go up to 2 scoops an hour based on my weight. So, Im going to dry 1.5 scoops tomorrow and see how things go. I’ve also been using HEED on my shorter workouts, and my body seems to be loving that. I need to check if I can get HEED on the course during the run at CDA.

About Ironvan

From couch potato to Ironman triathlete in 2 years.

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