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No Stopping or Standing

Now that the fun from this weekend is over, it’s back to the grindstone. Work and life continues to add spice to my training life. Thanks to my inability to look into the future by one week, I realized at the last moment I had to be in three different cities for work in five days. Luckily, this is a testing week, so things are relatively lighter than usual.

Started off the week with a 13.5 mile run in 2 hours. It would have been a welcome experience, if it wasn’t raining, and if I wasn’t stuck running around an indoor .125mi track again. I’m still dizzy and I constantly keep turning right.

For Tuesday, recovered with a 2700yd swim of drills. Felt pretty tight and took quite a while to work things out.

I was planning on doing my FTP test on the trainer, but it looks like I have finally ridden my trainer into destruction. Its in pieces! So instead, put in my swim test with 4400 yds of intervals. 1000yd time trial was 16:16, 2 seconds faster than prior. I’ll take it.

Tomorrow, it’s my favorite, 5k time. If I can get my hands on a Kurt Kinetic this week, will test FTP on Friday and follow that by six hours of riding on the weekend. Time to hit Amazon.

Photos of the Grizzly

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