Live blogging from the Barefoot Running Symposium!


Okay. I’m going to try this until my phone dies.

I’m in Denver at the American College of Sports Medicine sitting in a symposium on Barefoot Running. It’s a packed theater! Let’s get to it.

1:21  Going over our history as hunter gatherers. Apparently, studies estimate that our ancestors ran/walked 9km a day for food.

1:24: Talking about how heel striking running loads 400-600 body weights/sec. Interesting note, says that it is false that you can only barefoot run on beaches or grass…..we didn’t evolve on matured lawns.

1:33 Showing evidence that the rate of running injuries has not decreased over the last 30 years despite shoe advances.

1:36 Said its not important to run barefoot, but to run with a barefoot style.

1:38 Running barefoot is not a fad. We have being doing it for millions of years. Wearing shoes is the relative “fad.”

1:40 “if your going to run barefoot, you have to run with good form”

1:42 Switching speakers now to Irene Davis, PhD.

1:47 Discussing a 2000 study about stress fractures. Stating that a higher rate of initial loading on the foot during foot strike is associated with injury. Midfoot and forefoot striking has a much reduced rate of increase in load.

1:50 Fascinating. There is a video of Chris McDougall, author of Born To Run, running. He is barely a forefoot striker.

1:53 Lots of laughing about the Asics “hormonal” shoe. It claims to adjust depending on your time of the month.

1:55 Mentioned study by Army that looked at injury rates between motion control shoes and regular shoes. No difference in injury rates.

1:58 Woh. Showing research that increasing cushion on landing actually INCREASES loading at the knee joint.

2:01 Talking about dynamic stability. Showing research data that the more between the skin and the foot the more instability you have.

2:02 Here we go. Talking about the Nike Free. Discussing a 2005 study comparing a group that used there old running shoes to a group that warmed up in Nike Free and then ran in old running shoes. Nike Free group had increased foot musculature after five months.

2:06 Says flip flops get bad wrap. She believes that its having weak feet that makes flip flops bad.

2:14 Giving lots of props to Vibram. Still just a study of one in the lecture, but provocative nonetheless. She states no financial incentive in her support.

2:17 Changing to the last lecturer. Talking about skeletal injuries and barefoot running.

2:24 Wow. Placed just died. Pretty dry talk thus far about bone remodeling. He is essentially saying that bone stress to a certain extent is important.

2:31 Showing loading evidence that shoes didn’t change force, it was all based on form. Looks like not much more to add to this one folks.

2:38 Wow. Talking about “wearing” a strain gauge. It’s a electronic surgical staple placed into a foot metatarsal. You then walk around with that while data is recorded. OW.

2:42 Ok. New speaker and a quick discussion of how to transition into forefoot running. Hmm, they mentioned a couple of shoes…my Newtons are not mentioned. 😦

2:45 Great point. You should not run barefoot in the cold or if you have sensory loss.

2:47 Okay, first wean down orthotics, then start with walking. Once you get to thirty minutes of barefoot walking, start adding a minute of barefoot running for every ten minutes of walking. Then titrate slowly up. Big things are you still need to be careful with road debris and temperature. Trays a wrap folks!

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