Live blogging from through Athletes and Supplements Seminar at ACSM!

Starting this one a little late, so let’s go:

8:40 Starting talking about safety and efficacy in sports supplements.

8:41 Telling us you have to be careful. Very careful. Stating that feces and other contaminants have been found in some supplements due to poor quality control.

8:47 Talking about the quality of tests used to measure supplement efficacy. Touching on “Time of Exhaustion” testing. Despite its higher variability, states that it is highly sensitive to changes.

8:51 More statistics….good thing I have plenty of coffee.

8:52 Stating that it is always going to be hard to assess efficacy when such small differences in performance can have huge ramifications. Showing times from a major marathon in 2003, where the top 5 were separated by less than four seconds. How do you measure such as small difference?

8:55 To further complicate things, not everyone responds the same to supplements.

8:56 “Absence of efficacy evidence is not evidence of absence of efficacy”

8:57 Per speaker: Industry approach to supplements: Will the public buy it? Yes? Get one study published and sell it.

8:59 Talking about the IOC Cologne Study. Tested over 600 supplements and found 23 samples contaminated with steroids. Speaker states this leads to the athlete excuse. “It was something I ate.”

9:02 States can’t rely on FDA. Not enough money or time. Mentions there are industry labs where companies can submit products for contaminants. Even in such a self selected group, contaminants are found.

9:05 Wow. Showing data where 5 micrograms of steroids was dissolved in 5 mg of creatnine. Subjects tested positive for steroids. It takes very little to test positive, and the speaker states this concentration of contaminant falls often within industry “guarantees” of quoted maximum contaminant percentage.

9:09 Showing a supplement bottle labeled “Pharmaceutical quality acetyl glutamine.” They analyzed the sample… acetyl glutamine but lots of caffeine.

9:10 LOL. His summary: “If it works, its probably banned. If it isn’t banned, it probably doesn’t work.”

9:14 Switching speakers and now….talking about how to council athletes about supplements.

9:15 Warning about the large amount of disinformation on supplements on the internet.

9:20 Athletes want to hear the word “yes.”

9:21 Talking about the development of the AIS Sports Supplement Program in Australia.

9:25 AIS is the Australian Institute of Sport. They have a website with scientific based information on supplements. Will have to Google that later.

9:33 Cool. They have fact sheets and a classification system, group A, B, C. In short, stick with A and stay away from C. Will surely have to check that out. She is mentioning beta alanine. States more research is needed.

9:36 There is a group D. That would be the banned group.
Thats a wrap!

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