Time For Another Watch: The Ultimate One Review

Its been another great mail week out here in Montana! I’ve been working hard doing my part to stimulate the economy and I’ve got lots of new goodies to fiddle with. As a watch lover, one item that I am particularly excited about is my brand new iPod Nano Watch Band by Quad Mountain.

Huzzah! The Ultimate One iPod Nano Watch by Quad Mountain.


Ive been a sucker for these iPod watches since I first heard about them, and I’m thrilled to add another band to the stable. There are lots of different bands out there, each for a specific type of wearer. The Ultimate One, as you might have guessed from the name, is made for the athlete or other general bad ass. And it shows. If you prefer the video format, just click below for the show:

For those that hate the sound of my voice or that are using a dial up modem from a hut in the remote Amazon, you can keep reading. First up, lets talk about setup. Unlike some of the other bands I own, the only tools you need to install the iPod are your good old fingers. Just takes a little torque and it snaps right in. I got a chance to take the watch out for a run, and I’m happy to say that despite how easy it was to install, there were no signs of weakness or give. Always good as I really don’t want to turn my iPod into a 200 dollar paper weight.

After a comfortable run, I realized that this band has a couple of cool features for us masochists. As we all know, we are all obsessed with the weight of our equipment. The band is made of silicone and is thinner than most of the other models I’ve seen. This makes it nearly disappear on the wrist. It weighs next to nothing and makes my Garmin310XT feel like a desktop computer, from 1995, on my wrist.

Another great thing is that this baby breathes. Trust me, that shiny iPod can get pretty hot against the wrist, especially with some of the larger bands out there. Especially after 18 miles. Fortunately, like a good helmet, the Ultimate One has ventilation ports near the iPod and it kept nice and frosty on my run. Okay, at least it wasn’t a lava rock against my skin.

Ironically, one of the most important features I enjoy is the lack of ports or windows around the iPod itself. I never understood why, for some reason, everyone thinks it important to be able to see that Apple logo. Apple fandom is a topic for an entire other blog itself, so I wont even attempt to broach that subject. While said windows may be cool and appease the fans, such ports also allow a good way for sweat and other grime to get in against the iPod. We all know how quickly things can get mucked up with salt residue. The Ultimate One has no such ports, keeping the iPod well protected against nastiness.

My prior band oriented the iPod such that the serial port was parallel with my forearm. This is unfortunate, as I had a problem with sweat and salt running down my arm and right into the headphone or serial connector. The Ultimate One orients the port inline with the watch band, reducing the chance of getting the “secretions of pain” into the iPod innards. Also, in such an orientation, you can also use a Nike iPod transmitter or a bluetooth adapter with this band without having to worry about gouging your forearm to the bone.

Finally, you cant beat the price. 24.95 for each. If your interested in wearing some tunes on the your wrist, check them out at Quad Mountain!



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