The Final Countdown: 13

Ironman in taper..more doughnuts please.

Well folks, I can’t believe it but its about that time. The training is done. The recuperation has begun. Its been a long couple of months of training and at this point, I am just anxious to get this baby done with. Things are going to get hectic and nerve racking over the next 13 days as I attempt to make certain of three things: no injury, no sickness, and no weight gain.

And trust me, with a house of three kids and a wife who recently took up cupcake baking, this is going to be difficult. Luckily, my good friend alcohol will be in my pocket to help out….

....Help me Purell, your my only hope....

Officially, taper began last week, and it couldn’t have come any sooner. I have been running on fumes, and last week was a lesson in pain. To make matters worse, my new Newtons arrived in the mail, and I had to start breaking them in. Monday, I hit the pool for about 3500 yards followed by three miles in the new shoes. Tuesday, I was back on the trainer for a hellish 2×20 Zone 4. Wed was a slow but painful eight mile run. Thursday was another swim. Friday was 5 miles with 3X1 mile at 7:10 pace. Saturday was a three hour ride with 2X15 at Zone 4 and 2X30 at Zone 3. An Sunday…Sunday was a stiff kick to the groin with a steel toed boot. Prescription called for 120 min of Zone 3, something I didn’t even come close to hitting. I got a good, painful 90 min in before collapsing into a pile of goo. Today, I seemed to have come down with a nasty GI bug. I’m still up and walking, but I’m definitely not feeling good and I’m keeping the bathroom nearby. Better now than in 2 weeks though I suppose. For once, as I am in taper, I took today off without blinking an eye.

I’m hoping to feel better by the morning as I have an open water swim arranged with a few pals tomorrow night. It will be my first open water swim this year, and I don’t care if the water is a murky 57 degrees. I am just happy the first time I stare at a bottomless lake wont be at the beginning of the Ironman. Take a little getting used to each time…pics to come for sure.

Plenty of things to get done this week. Keep checking in and come along for the wild ride that is the final trek to Ironman!


About Ironvan

From couch potato to Ironman triathlete in 2 years.

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