Open Water Swim – CHECK: 12

Another day down and another notch off my check list. Started off the day with plenty of flying and patients. Finally, it was a beautiful day up.

Some morning clouds

Why they call it Cutbank, MT.

I made it back to Kalispell under a brief window of sunlight. A window of sunlight that turned Foy Lake this color:

The intense blue color of Foy Lake, thanks to a high level of Calcium Carbonate.

As I mentioned yesterday, today I had a swim date with a few friends from work. After I got back into Kalispell, I headed down to the lake. This morning was the first time I have touched my wet suit since last year, and I was a bit nervous putting it on again. Not only because I feared not fitting in it but also because a large spider crawled out of it when I grabbed it out of the garage. Luckily, it fit even better than last year….and no arachnids. I hate spiders.

Its been a long road for me with open water swimming. Back when I started this whole triathlon thing, I didn’t swim at all and I had a fear of deep water. I mean that literally. My first training day consisted of six laps….without goggles. Naturally, my first open water swimming race was probably the most fear invoking thing I have done this decade. Since those days in 2007, I have come a long way. Now, I find open water swimming to be the most invigorating and relaxing parts of triathlon. Still, the first hop of the year in the lake is a little nerve wracking.

Happy to say that things went…well…. swimmingly today. Water was chilly at round about 57 degrees, but nothing too cool. As always, I waded in, adjusted to the initial shock, and then spent a good half a minute floating face down. The water was amazingly blue, but the clarity was poor thanks to sediment. It wasn’t long before I watched the lake bed fade away until nothing but a milky blue expanse stretched out underneath me. I quickly got to my stroke with no problems at all with movement, constriction, or breathing. Spent a good 20 minutes cruising around and that was that. This is taper after all.

Overall, I’m feeling better than yesterday. I actually had a little urge in me to RUN as I was walking down the sidewalk at work. Always a good sign. Also, my GI bug has cleared up and no signs of illness. Weight is doing okay at 141 still.

Tomorrow, its time to get my chariot ready.

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From couch potato to Ironman triathlete in 2 years.

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