Something Old: 4 Days

Something Old: 4 Days

It may sound impossible, but in the high tech, competitive, must-have-everything-new-and-shiny world that is triathlon, I still find room for the sentimental.

Back in 2009, as I was heading out to the expo at Coeur d ‘Alene, I noticed that my watch had completely died. Of course such atrocities only happen a day before an Ironman. After scouring the expo, I finally found a small display of cheap Timex watches. Cheap as in the low end of the model line, not as in dollar amount. Nothing is impossible in Ironman….except not spending a ton of money.

For 50 bucks, I got the watch pictured above. The very first time I hit the start button on its stopwatch was after the starting cannon went off for the 2009 Ironman Coeur d’Alene. The second time I hit the button was almost 14 hours later. Since then, this crappy 50 dollar watch has been on my wrist nearly every day over the past two years. At work. At home. In the pool. On the bike. Out running.

It’s looked better. The band is faded and eroded thanks to repeated sun and sweat. Salt particles fill in the nooks and crannies. The screen looks worse than Freddy Kruger’s crotch during a case of jock itch. Sure, there are watches out there with gold, diamond, and platinum. Watches that cost more than my house. But in the end, I would never trade any of them for this one. My trusty Timex has been done its job faithfully for over the last two years. Waking me up at 4:00 am to ride. Counting down my bike intervals. Recording my run splits.  Enduring stroke after stroke in the pool. It has recorded some of my most memorable racing and training moments in the last two years, and that is why this bad baby will always be MY watch. What do you hold on to?

Time has always been an obsession for triathletes, but more often than not, for the wrong reasons. At this moment, many of my fellow triathletes are tearing their hair out with worrying about what will happen on Sunday. A stubbed toe. Hypothermia. Two flat tires. A wreck. Blisters. GI breakdown. These are just a few things that could end/ruin our big day. While June 26 is an important day, I find solace in remembering everything we have endured to get to this point. All the hours of running. Lap after lap of swimming. All those 4:00 am trainer rides. All the sacrifices our families have made for us. No matter what happens Sunday, it truly does takes a lot just to show up and plunge into that lake (especially at this temperature!) and no insane disaster, like an elephant stampeding the run course, could ever change that fact.

That being said, we all want to do our best, and I wish my teammates and fellow triathletes the best of luck. It’s time to get this party started and have some FUN! I’m finished with work, packing today, and off tomorrow. It’s insane to be able to do this without having to get on an airplane! This week, I have been just putting in light workouts to keep limber. Swam a 36:36 easy half on Monday so the swim looks back on track. More updates to come soon!

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