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The only near flatline this doc likes to see…

FTP Test of 7/27/11

2 Steps Forward, I Take 2 Steps Back

...cuz opposites attract....

Its 17 weeks away from Ironman Arizona and it’s now time to get back into training. To start things off, this week I am testing in all three disciplines.

First up was a swim test on Monday. I was pretty sore from the aforementioned shoulder problems but I figured I might as well go for it; I needed to know my baseline. After a 200y freestyle warm up and a 150 yard kick, I started up a 1000y time trial. I could tell I was hurting and tired 300 yards in, but I just kept trucking to get it done. Came out at 16:30 for a new T-Pace 1:34/100y. I’ll take it.

Tuesday, it was time for pain: the 5k test. Everyone who reads this blog knows I’m a slow ass runner, there isn’t any hiding it. I knew I would be slower today with the taper post Ironman. Monday night, I got only about five hours of sleep and I was dead tired before the test, so conditions weren’t ideal. Still, I needed to get it done and I figured I would be tired before running the marathon of an Ironman also.

To boost my mojo, I took my test outside to the meticulous track about .1 mile from my house. You heard me. This crazy guy has been ignoring the highschool track 2 blocks from my house for the last two years. Normally, when I do these test, I have positive splits; I go fast at the beginning and slow down from there. Today, I wanted to keep it more equal, so I focused on going a little slower in the first mile and a half. Laps came through at 7:29, 7:45, and 7:39. Obviously, I need to think harder about my pacing. All together, I finished up at a whopping 23:41. No excuses for this though. Wind was calm. Temperature was 77 degrees. Track was flat. This is where I am. A step backward, but I have to start somewhere again.

VDOT now way to 41. Based on the Jack Daniels (not that Daniels!) calculator, my training paces are now as follows:

Easy Pace: 10:11/mi

Marathon Pace: 8:46/mi

Threshold: 2:02/400m, 4:05/800m, 5:06/1000m, 8:12/mi

Interval Pace: 1:52/400m, 4:42/1000m

Repetition Pace: 52s/200m, 1:46/400m

Looking at these paces, I think a VDOT of 40 is pretty accurate for me. Time to put these numbers to use and see where I can get in a month. Fascinating, based on this VDOT, the calculator says I can run a 3:49 marathon. I haven’t run a stand alone marathon in a while, nor have I ever run one less than 4:20 something. Of course, that is based on a lot of extrapolation, but its a fun goal to set aside.

Of course, a post of this name wouldnt be complete without this homage….

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