Five Guys Versus The Pool

Without a doubt, a person can lose a bunch of weight pre-Ironman. Much to the enjoyment of my terrified friends, I am happy to say that I spent the last week fulfilling every calorie associated desire. This culminated in a visit to none other than Five Guys yesterday for a bacon cheeseburger with lettuce, tomato, onion and jalapenos. Of course, I had to pair that with a large order of fries. Those potatoes are the only reason I actually go there. On a side note, I am addicted to fries. Of all types. My favorite are those shoestring fries that are now always served in that wax paper cone thing at fancy schmancy restaurants…..but I digest……

So today I’m feeling more greased than John Travolta and ready to burn some meat. I just got a new swim book, and I figured today was a good time to try out some of the workouts. I chose a beginner Ironman distance set:

400y Warm up

8X (25y left arm/right arm then 25 build)

400y T-Pace + 6

2X 200y T-Pace +2

4ooy T-Pace + 5

4X 100y T-Pace

100y CD

It was definitely tough getting this done a week and a half after the Ironman. It  was really tough with feeling like I have half a cow in my stomach, but the workout is in the books.

Overall feeling okay. Not great, but okay. Had a short one hour spin yesterday and that was the toughest thing to do yet. Legs just felt dead. Going to hit the road again tonight if mother nature agrees. Hopefully its going to be like it is right now: Sunny, mid 80s, and no wind. As horrible as the spring was here, the last two weeks of Montana summer has been awesome.


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From couch potato to Ironman triathlete in 2 years.

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  1. What do you think about that book? I had to “fill” $15 worth of stuff to get my SuperSaver Shipping (!!) the other day, and was eyeing that. Ended up going with Friel’s Triathlete’s Bible… mostly because I feel like I need it on my bed stand. 🙂 Could always use new a new pool wko though!

    • Hey girl,

      So far its great. It has a huge number of workouts, and it’s great to have such a variety. Plus, its WATERPROOF. Just stuck it to the kickboard. After, just shook it out and threw it in the bag. Go get it!

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