On The Edge of a Knife

It’s been both a good and bad week for me. Training wise, I have been putting the workouts in and things are feeling okay during the sessions.

Started out the week with another swim of about 2000 yards.

Tuesday, it was another 2500 yard swim followed by a four mile recovery run with an average pace of 9:43.

On Wed, I put my long ride in for the week with a three hour ride with 3X8 at Zone 4, rest zone 3. TSS: was 149.4 and IF was 72.8.

I love how steady the power output gets on climbs. Can you see it?

For Thursday, back in the pool for another 2500 yards which damn near killed me. Thanks to the joys of work, I wasn’t able to get in any breakfast before my lunchtime workout. I just about drank the pool.

Friday, I picked things up a bit finally for the run. Put out a six miler with 3×1 at Zone 4. It took a while to get my legs loosened up, but I was happy to be to be moving. Intervals came out at roughly 8:40, 811, and 7:40.

Getting back into it slowly.

Saturday, it was family time. We hit a couple of festivals in town as well as took care of some yard work. This is where the bad part of my week comes in. Not the family time, that was superb. You see, my lawnmower has been on the fritz for the past week. Like an airplane full of babies leaving Chicago, I haven’t been able to get the piece of crap to take off. This debacle involved numerous repetitive pulls of the engine start cord. After the intensity/volume pick up this week, the cranking on my right shoulder was just too much and I spent most of Saturday night with a bag of ice as a friend.


In fact, I have been having recurring problems with my right shoulder since CDA. Each time, it seems to get worse, and right now, I think I need to tread carefully. As an occupational medicine doctor, I have seen my fair shair of bad outcomes from rotator cuff tears. This week is about being safe. More ice.

Today, finished up the week with an ABP (always be pushing) ride. TSS 110.3 and IF .791, almost right on the money. I’ll take it as those numbers are with the warmup.

Easy finish to the week.

Tomorrow, the post IM CDA taper is over, and I’m back into to mainstream training for Arizona. I have five weeks of general training, and then 12 weeks up to the next Ironman. Lots of testing this week, it will be interesting, and painful, to see how the number sit now. Hopefully, my shoulder won’t fall off.

Week end summary. Moving back up slowly.

About Ironvan

From couch potato to Ironman triathlete in 2 years.

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  1. One of my best buddies is currently recovering from a torn rotator cuff + surgery… watch it!! What training software are you using to load your data? I like it! And another question for you… but you’ll have to go check out my post today to get it. 😉

  2. Swam today it and so far everything is one piece! The program I use is WKO+ from training peaks. Great stuff. I load everything up from my Garmin 310XT. Are you into power based training at all?

    As for that last question, I just gave my 2 cents on your site. Thanks for the shout out!

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