Frozen in Carbonite

Well, its been a while since my last post and that usually means one of  two things. Either I’m busy with work, busy with family, or busy with training. The answer is YES. Of the three, work has been my main protagonist. My charts have been holding me more captive than the Empire with a fresh supply of Carbonite. (if your still confused, smack yourself and go watch Empire Strikes Back).

Luckily though, I have been able to stay up on my training this past week. Here are some highlights.

Started off the week on the trainer with 2X18' at Zone 4.

Followed that up with another session of 2X12 Zone 4.

Don’t worry, in addition to these trainer session, I got in an outdoor ride with some hills:

Short ride with plenty of elevation change.

Love them elevation spikes.

Also started the longer runs again with an easy eight miler on Saturday. I tried out a different Ironman run strategy: On for 10 minutes and walking for 20 seconds. Despite what I thought, adding a small walk barely changed my pace. For example, I plan to run the marathon at about 10:00 min/mi pace. Here is how the pacing went out with the above strategy:

While there wasn’t much a difference in my pace, the small break gave me a nice rest as well as a goal to aim for every ten minutes. I am definitely looking forward to trying this in Arizona.

As you can see from the distance and times from my workouts, I am still in the pre-Ironman distance training period. Right now, I’m using the Endurance Nation short course plan (for sprints and such) to gain some more power before switching into the long haul training. Things are feeling great. The biggest difference I’ve noted is that my sessions are now of much higher quality. I’m nailing my zones and paces right on. In addition, the riding outside has been doing wonders. 3 more weeks of this and then its back into the four hour rides.

About Ironvan

From couch potato to Ironman triathlete in 2 years.

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