Arizona 2011: An Outside Odyssey


Where are you going Greg? (Its my trainer just in case you haven't had enough coffee today)

Facepalms. I do those often. It’s the story of my life really. If someone writes a biography on me, they could title it “Greg: 70 Years of Palm To Face.” Case in point: remember how last year, before Coeur d’Alene, I went on about how I couldn’t find a place to ride safely alone in Montana? And how I once rode six hours indoors secondary to said inability? And how I now have an unhealthy relationship with my trainer? Well, turns out that there has been this thing called The Great Northern Historical Trail, which is one of rails to trails projects, about four miles from my house. Yep, MAJOR FACEPALM.

The Great Northern Historical Trail

After recovering from the bruise my hand left on my face, I have pretty much made the trails my second home. Like a hobo with a huffy. Started off on Thursday with a gorgeous ten mile run in 60 degree weather; definitely can feel fall coming on here. We had a frost warning two nights ago, and it was 32 when I woke up this morning. That’s temperature, not blood alcohol.

On Friday, I made my biweekly sacrifice to the trainer with 90 minutes of zone 3 (162 watts).

Saturday, I dragged the family out for a group adventure on the trails. Fortunately, we all emerged unscathed except for my Chariot flag. We deposited said flag in a garbage can while singing a modified National Anthem.

And then today there is today. Utilizing a complicated contraption involving cardboard cut outs of myself and a lawnmower engine, I was able to fool my trainer and escape out into Big Sky Country for a 67 miler with 2200ft of climbing.

Started off a bit chilly, but it quickly warmed up. Made my way to the trails from my house and took it as far south as it could go. Then I hit the backroads for some much needed solitude. Unbelievably, I also saw a few other tri-peeps out. It definitely made being be the only scantily clad Asian in the woods for 300 square miles a little less lonesome. After doing a loop, added my usual section out by the lake for an easy 67. Prescription for today was 38 min of zone 4, 45 min of zone 3, and rest Ironman pacing. Here are the numbers:

Duration:      4:08:22
Work:          1804 kJ
TSS:           186.4 (intensity factor 0.672)
Norm Power:    140
VI:            1.15
Distance:      66.067 mi
Elevation Gain:        2265 ft
Elevation Loss:       2270 ft
Grade:         -0.0 %  (-6 ft)
Min    Max    Avg
Power:           0    339    121     watts
Cadence:         30    206    79     rpm
Speed:           0    35.5    15.8     mph
Pace             1:41    0:00    3:48     min/mi
Altitude:        2913    3596    3208     ft
Crank Torque:    0    653    134     lb-in

Average pace was way down, and I definitely can go harder. I worked on my pacing up the hills, trying not to get about 160w. As always, this felt like molasses oozing at the South Pole. Honestly, my main concern is working on my back issues so I can actually keep pedaling the entire time in Arizona. Pain started up again after about two hours. Interestingly, I found that if I focused on moving my left leg through it’s entire arc of motion, my back pain disappeared. Finished up the four hours pain free. More to come on that note; sounds like a saddle height issue.

Tomorrow is Labor Day! And to celebrate, I’ve got a 110 minute run to get to. For now though, time for sunshades and a home brew. Happy holidays everyone!

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