Yes, I know its been longer than ever since my last post, but fear not. A lot of things are in flux in my life right now, but I’m still plowing along as hard as ever with training and other exciting things.

Today marks the end of another productive week at the sweat factory. Started off with a bang on Tuesday: a 2700 yard swim followed by 5 miles with 3X1 intervals at around 7:00.

Took the day “off” on Tuesday with just another 2700 yards in the pool.

On Wed, it was back to storming the castle with 46 minutes of zone 4 on the trainer. That certainly put some hair on my chest.

Thursday, it was time for the long run. The weather has certainly made a turn for the worse lately, and that fact, plus being tethered to my pager, brought me finally back to the indoor track. 13.1 miles at an easy 1:56, 8:51 average pace. Well, it was easy except for the whole “ramming-elbow-into-side-of-wall” fiasco. I learned a valuable lesson about walls and running that day: WALLS HURT LIKE CRAP MAN!

Friday, just a small jog around my development…and with my nitros fueled lawnmower. Seriously, if you want to run while mowing, get a Honda. Just don’t try barefoot lawnmower running……

Saturday, it was the coup de grace: 4 hour ride and a one hour run. Thanks to the aforementioned arrival of fall, and my pager vibrating more than a chair at a Brookstone Store, I was again stuck inside on the drainer. After about three hours, I couldn’t take it anymore and I headed out for the last hour. Of course, at the same time, the wind decided to pick up to about 30 knot gusts, and my last hour was about as enjoyable as a hand powered root canal. After my experiment in being a human wind generator, I finished up six miles on the treadmill at an easy 9:30ish pace.Still doing my 10 minutes on, 20 seconds off pattern, with sips of Perptuem every mile. Felt great, better than last time I did this. The only thing that went south was my BO apparently, evident by my wife running into the room with a can of Febreze.

And to top off the whole experience, I got to sit in a car for 11 hours today. MY BUTT FEELS JUST GRAND!

More to come this week as I attempt to train for an Ironman while on a business trip. Lower that restraining bar, kick off those sandals, and turn that hat around because this week is going to be one heck of a ride.


About Ironvan

From couch potato to Ironman triathlete in 2 years.

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