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Yes, I’m still alive! I know you must have been all trying to call the Tempe police as it had been almost 24 hours since my last post. Put the phone down. Ive just been all over the place today!

Things started off cool with a “VIP” invite to a breakfast from What exactly makes me a VIP? I’m not sure. Ive spent less than 500 with them this year, but I typcialy only buy from them. I guess loyalty counts. That or my little link on the blog made them happy. (Look left and down). Much to my surprise, it wasn’t some cheapo excuse for breakfast like cold day old bagels and hard boiled eggs. Check out the way Trisports thanks its customers:

Breakfast at the Canteen Tequila Bar. No, the bar was not open.

On top of the warm food, I got plenty of schwag: 2 new bottles, stickers, a new bag, and some funky lip balm. Plus, I got to meet Leanda Cave.

Me and Leanda Cave. Yes, she was kneeling.

After a yummy breakfast, I hit the expo again to start the often forgotten 4th leg of triathlon: spending too much  money. That being said, there were some great deals to be had. I picked up some souvenirs, a new set of recovery compression socks, and most fun of all, some new Rudy Project sunglasses. I’ve been using the same pair of Oakleys for every race since 2007; it was about time for an upgrade.  Here are some more pics from around the expo:

Ah Ironman. The only time you can walk around like this and feel comfortable.

This is how everyone who doesnt live in Montana gets there bike here.


After stretching out my wallet, I got some school work done and then headed out to join the team for a test ride out on the main portion of the bike course. Overall, felt great. Took a little long to stretch out as I haven’t been on the bike for a week. But everything felt great by the end. Bike is working perfect. Computer is up and running. Hydration is doing its job. Wheels are good.

Weather wise, it was perfect. About mid 70’s with a tailwind out and a headwind back. Definitely got a little gusty, but I think I will be okay. Overall, I was about ten watts low from my goal pNorm, but that’s okay as I wasn’t even really sweating by the time I finished.

The beeline. Yes, I did ride amongst cactus!

Hope I can keep that VI around 1 this time.

Slightly up, then slightly down.

Definitely faster coming down hill.

Okay, off to the official dinner I go!

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From couch potato to Ironman triathlete in 2 years.

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