Always a Learning Experience

I guess not everything can go like clockwork. I got some decent sleep last night and awoke pretty fresh. After checking my run and bike gear bags one last time (doesn’t matter, still think I forgot something), I headed off to the scheduled practice swim.

The only other place I’ve done Ironman is Coeur d’Alene. When it came to testing the water there, it was pretty simple: you jumped in the water. So, I expected the same today. The expo and transition was a mad house this morning with people doing the same.

Way more crowded today.

So, I get into my wetsuit and check my bag at the drop. I start walking over to the entrance to the swim practice and I get stopped by a volunteer. I show them my wrist band and they politely inform me that I cant swim unless I have my timing chip with me. Yep, they are referring to that timing chip sitting on my bed back at the hotel. FACEPALM.

For a moment, I considered just jumping in guerilla style. As it turns out, that would have been a mistake as officials were using timing mats to make sure everyone who got in the water came out of the water. A disqualification would have certainly put a hamper on my day. Anyway, having lived through CDA, I’m not worried about the water temp. This is what the practice swim looked like in any case:

Look at everyone with their timing chips.

After unsuiting, I headed back to my car and grabbed my bike and bags for check in. WOOHOO! Always an exciting and nerve racking time. When I got back to transition, there was a large line to get in to the bike racks. That was also something new. After about 15 minutes, I made it to the gate. Turns out, they decided to photograph each person’s bike on the way in. I think this is for security reasons. That, or they are planning on make some sort of cool bike montage.

My yellow bike was awesome at saying "cheese!"

This year, I am way deep in the racks right by the exit of transition. I will take it. I guess they want to put the older looking yellow bikes in one side of transition as I had some familiar company:

Any closer and the universe would collapse on itself.

After that, dropped my bags off.  I can’t explain how nerve racking it is to just drop your beloved gear off like this. Its worked 2/2 times so far without a glitch. Lets hope trend that keeps up tomorrow.

Like a mass grave of over priced shoes.

So there we have it. Everything is all checked in. Ive been back at my hotel resting all day. Body feels a little achy, but I think its because I haven’t been able to really exercise lately. No signs of illness. I got a much needed three hour nap in today to boot. Now, if I can just sleep through the pending ASU football game across the street, I will be ready to rock and roll tomorrow! The day starts early at 0400 with breakfast.

About Ironvan

From couch potato to Ironman triathlete in 2 years.

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