One Vacation Ends, Another Begins

I’ll say it. My 2 weeks post Ironman, and essentially post 2011 season, has been once caloric calamity. If it was edible, it was eaten. There are no Thanksgiving leftovers at my house. No more ice cream in the freezer. The homebrew is gone. Augustus Gloop has had nothing on me for the past two weeks.

Fortunately, the two weeks of indulgence has left me exactly where I wanted to be; only slightly heavier on the scales and yearning to get back into regular training. I’m still working my training plan out with the coaches, but I have managed to get my feet on the ground a few times this week already. Started with a short but difficult four miler on 11/27; I was half asleep secondary to Turkey overload. On Monday and Tuesday, I jumped in the pool. There must have been a lot of people eager to get wet, because the pool was so crowded it looked like a scene from Finding Nemo….or Whale Wars.

Dude, wanna circle swim?

On Wed morning, I hit the bike trainer for a good hour. That was about as fun as getting a prostate exam from a dude named Chuck wearing a Superbowl ring. After making it to Seattle for grad school, I hit the treadmill on Thursday for a six miler of zone 1-3. On Friday, in order to blow off some grad school related stress, I got in an eight miler while reading notes on the iPad. (Large font is the key for all you wondering).

Unfortunately, my vacation may be ending a little too soon as I am having some killer burning pain in my right Achilles tendon. Probably secondary to a combination of poor stretching and inactivity; I’m hoping it calms down with rest tomorrow. So, while things are picking back up training wise, I still don’t have anything close to the self mutilation I was enjoying the weeks before Arizona. And good thing, because I am all about enjoying the start of the Christmas Vacation season. Spiked Eggnog is quite nice after puking on the treadmill…

Also, I’m going to be switching age groups shortly, and I treated myself to a brilliant dinner in Seattle. Beef tartare, Sole with a dungeness crab sauce reduction, a Washington Cabernet, followed up with a combination of roasted marshmallows, Nutella, and Rocky Road ice cream. I love this city.

Today, I had finals and I’m happy to say that things went splendidly. If there is one thing triathlons have taught me, never underestimate the power of self motivation. Check out my concise notecard for the exam:

Better than writing down a bunch of info I already know!


Hopefully today, I can get out for an outdoor run along the waterfront before enjoying an evening with my Seattle teammates. Its really the most wonderful time of year isn’t it?

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From couch potato to Ironman triathlete in 2 years.

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  1. Awesome. 🙂 We were always allowed a little cheat sheet for A&P and Ex Phys exams. I think the process of writing it all down and dicing out the “actually important” information just cemented the knowledge in your head, but I think over the course of all those classes, I maybe used the sheet once. The only “mantra” I ever use: “you got this.” 😀

    • I used to do that too. But I basically ended up with a beautiful set of notes that I never looked at. I just highlight what is REALLY important and read that after that first go around.

  2. Bummer on the Achilles. Make sure you get some rest and let that heal up!

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