Top Ten Signs You’re A Triathlete on Your Birthday

Another mile down. Taken by Flathead lake.

Well, you can guess why this post is coming along now. Another mile marker is around the corner, and this time (unlike Ironman Arizona) it will have an aid station packed with food and drinks. In preparation, I bring you the top ten signs you’re a triathlete on your birthday!

10. When someone asks how old you are, you reply “now or on December 31?”

9. You used the line “I told you not to get me anything because I already got shoes/bike/watch/helmet/registered for Ironman Dark Side Of the Moon.”

8. You have completely ignored #9 and bought another new watch anyway.

7. You spent three hours scouring over all this year’s race results to see how many people in your former age group are coming with you.

6. Your birthday hats are aero shaped. And made from carbon.

5. You found out the hard way that your ART physical therapist does not do “birthday spanks.”

4. You time the “transition” between cake and presents.

3. Your birthday suit STILL involves compression socks.

2. Your entire birthday cake is made from Cliff Blocks.

1. Your cake says”Happy 35-40 Birthday!”

About Ironvan

From couch potato to Ironman triathlete in 2 years.

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  1. I like number 4!

  2. Hahha this is good… I just had a birthday, and sadly no one timed me from cupcake to gift wrap. Happy birthday Dr. V!

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