Trisports Dosent Care if You’re Naughty, Nice, or Really Slow at Ironman

What was your finish time son??

Tis the season for giving, and I assure you that a bunch of people out there are scratching their heads on where to shop for a triathlete gift. With our funky equipment desires/needs, it wouldn’t surprise me if the search for tri-geek goodies led the unaware to Frederick’s of Hollywood. I mean, look at our swimwear for God’s sake.

So before you buy that satin thong after mistaken it for some sort of aero compression sock, let me throw my props out for I have been shopping with this business since I first started triathlons back in 2007. Stuff I bought there has helped me through three Ironmans. Call me old fashioned, but I appreciate real customer service and satisfaction. No, I don’t demand the unreasonable or think a customer is always right; I just like service with a smile. Amazingly, Trisports has never faulted once in the four years I’ve shopped there.

Alright, again, before I begin, lets get the disclaimers out there. I didnt get some sort of special discount for this. I have no financial interest in Trisports. I do not have a building named after me at their worksite. I do not have a personal discount code; I wish. “IRONVAN GIVES A SHIP” would be an awesome free shipping code don’t you think? Okay, here are the specifics of why I would name my fourth kid after Trisports:

1. Good prices.

2. Fast shipping.

3. Green shipping.

4. Great website with awesome reviews.

5. With every order, there is a hand written “Thanks Greg!” on my bill. I just love that kind of touch.

And that’s just the surface of it folks. What really has blown my mind are the events during the past two months. In October, I had to order a few things before Arizona. The order was a little pricey, especially with holidays coming up. I often receive discounts in the mail from Trisports, and I knew it had been a while since I had seen one. So, before sending my order, I just sent an email asking them if any specials were coming up. Now, they could have easily said “No. Are you racing the cheapskate division this year or something?” To my shock, I got an email back saying that if I waited 24 hours, a special 20% sale was about to start. Stephen Hawkins cannot quantify this level of awesome.

Then there was the icing on the cake. After I got to Arizona, I received an email from Trisports saying they were thanking all their customers doing Ironman Arizona with an invite only breakfast. Yes, I realize I was probably getting this because I ordered anything from them in the past and I was registered for the race. But hey, Ironman trips are expensive, and free food is a dollar saved. And heck, I’ve also used Cervelos for a while, but I have never been sent a freebie by them.

So, I headed to this shindig expecting a box of cold bagels and some warm OJ. Maybe some cheap burnt coffee. Boy was I wrong. Spread was a full on hot breakfast with fruit, eggs, and meats. Scored some free waterbottles and other schwag.

Nom nom nom nom.

And then of course I got this pic with Leanda:

Apparently, the key to Ironman Victory is to get your picture taken with Ironvan!!

And the story doesn’t stop there. After I got home, I emailed my thanks for the breakfast to Trisports. Their a response? A personal holiday card signed by the staff. A lot of businesses can learn from the Trisports team.

So, if your looking for a triathlon store that offers good prices, great shipping, frequent discounts, and that honestly appreciates their customers, head on over to right now. Tell them Ironvan sent ya.

About Ironvan

From couch potato to Ironman triathlete in 2 years.

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  1. I’m going to try your coupon code just to see if it works.

  2. The coupon code works! It just got me free shipping!

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