Something is Stirring

The wetsuit is unpacked and hanging up in the garage. My bike is clean and resting on the trainer. The medals are hung. My luggage is stowed away. Yes, the post Ironman forbearance period has passed. Just like that first student loan bill after finishing school, getting back to reality has been painful.

My Achilles was still burning worse than Wasabi toilet paper on Monday, but I decided to test things out on the track. Got in four miles, the last at 7:20 pace. Running off the treadmill actually seemed to help a bit. Threw in a little swimming after just to stay loose.

On Tuesday, I was feeling a little rough overall, so I took both Tuesday and Wednesday off to recover. Thursday I hit the track again for six miles. I finally felt mentally ready to stretch a little. Emphasis on the word mental as the body was still protesting. Six miles down with 2X1 mile at 7:12 and 7:00. Felt good at threshold; meaning that I was comfortably working but I could have given a little more.

On Friday, I finally made it back to the trainer for an indoor ride. 3x (5X30’”/30” @ 120%). Garmin wasn’t charged up still from Arizona, so I just gritted the teeth and went as hard as I could. Felt great…meaning that it hurt bad.

Saturday, took some time off to be with the family. By that, I mean I made them all watch the Ironman broadcast. Okay, at least I did some more Christmas shopping before.

For today, I got back on the trainer for my first set of intervals since Arizona. I don’t have a specific plan right now, so I just made up my work out. After a 10 minute warm up, went 10’, 12’, and 8’ at IF. 92. I’m going to be honest; this workout made my heart almost jump out of my chest. At least I got to work out with my wife.

It feels good to be heading into the Out Season, and I feel ready to burn some fat. Through some miracle….or a tapeworm….I haven’t gained much weight since Arizona. Still hovering at 138. And like I mentioned earlier, I have been catching up on all my calories for the last 12 months. I’m voracious.

Another weird body change I’ve noticed is that I seem to be sleeping like a rock lately. Just zonked out and snoring…much to my family’s displeasure. It will be interesting to see how things develop during this off season.

Official training begins on January 2. Till then, more of this kind of stuff. Back to be back in the saddle!

About Ironvan

From couch potato to Ironman triathlete in 2 years.

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