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Another virtual training room...

One of the best things about Endurance Nation is connecting with teammates virtually across the globe. Since training from Coeur d’Alene, I have been hanging with a select crew from both sides of the country online. In addition to having some nights together that would make “The Hangover” look like a church choir practice, we help keep each other motivated for training. Nothing like a little virtual HTFU to get your butt on the trainer.

In continuation of that trend, we had the bright idea to try out a “virtual” group ride. As most of my posse is the 6 out of 10 people still using Google+ in the world, we created a “huddle” complete with sound and video. I setup my laptop with webcam in front of my trainer, using the all versatile ironing board as a stand, logged in, and shazam, a group ride.

As corny as it may sound, having the group was an awesome motivator. Much easier rocking out 3X10 at threshold and 1X12 at tempo with the crowd looking on. Here’s the data:

Here are what the views look like:

My view.


His view...the better one....

Overall, it’s been a decent training week. I had a good run early in the week with 2X1 mile repeats at around 6:45-6:55. On Wed, on the trainer for 2X12 as I posted earlier. Thursday, I hopped back in the pool for a total of 2200yard with 10X100y between 1:30-1:35. Friday, I came down with a wicked virus that knocked the crap out of me. Luckily, by Saturday it seemed to have passed quickly and I was able to get the virtual ride in. Today, hit the treadmill for 1 minute repeats about threshold.

I think these virtual rides will be a great way to get through the pain of the winter. I’ll keep you posted how our next party develops! Maybe we can throw in the post ride beer enjoyment also….is it possible to hold my hair back over the internet?

PS: If you truly have nothing better to do and have the sense of humor of a 12 year old, like myself, check this out.

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