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Something New Is On Its Way To Me…..

Photo By Tucker McKeever

Cram Session

As it’s Saturday, today was another group suffer session. For our adventure, we broke out the venerable Hell Hath No Fury session. It wasn’t the best day technology wise. Webcam images were dying out left and right, our video was sluggish, and the sound quality was so bad I thought we were communicating with tin cans linked together with strings. But despite our techo fail and the constant interruptions, we got the work in:

I would show the Trainer Road data but I will admit. Its ugly. I had a hard time hitting the surges, and my ride got interrupted by a phone call at the beginning.

This is my last 2X20 before testing this week. I hope I can at least get a higher FTP after this month’s work. I have already noticed its easier to rock out the surges and much easier to hover in the upper 80% of FTP. Hopefully after this week, I can start to add more of my running and swimming back into the picture. Only about 20 weeks until Alcatraz!


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