Tuesday Two-some

Before I get to a post about New Year’s resolutions, I thought I would put up the data for today’s adventure. First, started in the pool at lunch for 2000y. Inadvertently put in a 1000y time trial for 16:59; not too far off the mark to start my off season. Thanks to some pull buoy use, I am becoming very aware that my feet are dragging way to deep in the water. Using the pull buoy, I am insanely faster. I will need to find my balance in the water all over again it seems.

After a particularly “invigorating” day at work, much due to a migraine at about 0500, I hit the trainer for some VO2 work. 4X2.5 mins at around 120%:

A little low for what I wanted, but not too bad after 2X20 min yesterday. “Why am I stacking these two workouts?” you may ask. Well, because of that bum knee, I’m taking some time away from the track. So, I figured might as well just keep riding. My new shoes are all shipped and should be here soon. Hopefully that will make things a little better for “old lefty.”

Loving that Lose It app. Call me crazy, but somehow, knowing the calories I’m taking in makes me less hungry. Normally, I would gorge on breakfast foods. Knowing that tiny square of hash-brown casserole was 250 calories at least somehow curbed my appetite. Check out the cool data feedback I get from the website:

Daily Summary


Daily Summary 2


Weekly Summary

Knowing is half the battle!

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