Thank You Sir, May I Have Another

Its been an exciting weekend and start to the week. First up, on Saturday, my Pacific coast buddies and I got up bright and early for a virtual group ride. Prescription was for 2×20 minutes at Zone 4. To help with our self mutilation, we enlisted the “Hell Hath No Fury” Sufferfest video.

Getting the party started...

This was actually my first Sufferfest video experience. It was great. It was brutal. I highly recommend for some motivation during the winter. Overall the session was outstanding. It was great to have the company and push of others while hammering away. Of course, it was also great to play with the fun chat features. Like so….

I go gaga over pain...

Finished up hurting good. Powertap showed one of my strongest non testing sessions yet. This maybe due to the longer break in between the 20 minutes intervals.

Pain. Always better with friends.

For Sunday, believe it or not, I took the day off to get some rest. That dang left knee is still bugging me. I had planned to go skiing with the kiddos, but thanks to knee pain…as well as wallet pain, I decided to just rest. Of course, by rest I mean partake in a great pizza from 2nd Street in Whitefish paired with a fresh tapped Hop Trip. Seriously, if your ever in Whitefish, hit these guys up for some great pie.

Today, it was definitely a “nose to the grindstone” type of Monday. I had enough paperwork to start my own government bureaucracy. Fortunately, I was able to sneak in a power lunch with a side of turkey sandwich. What was the prescription? That’s right…double trouble:

My bike and I probably need to come up with a "safety word."

While my last ride was a celebration of motivation and technology, this one was fail. Laptop was dead: no angry biking gals to watch. iPad was back at the office. Just me, a towel, and Electronic Cardio on Pandora. Felt pretty good for doing two of these so close. I’m certain its my mind just becoming used to these things, but I will take what I can get.

In other news today, I managed to finally sign up for the Grizzly Triathlon on time. For the past few years, I have been wait listed because I didn’t register in the first 30 minutes. You heard me; this baby sells out like IM Lake Placid….with 1000 Kona spots. And when I mean wait listed, I mean wait listed with a vengeance. I think I was like 145th on the list last year. Fortunately, THAT many people dropped out and I still raced. It’s a great time, lots of people, and I get to be in the same vicinity as pros like Linsey Corbin for more than 15 seconds. Thats about how long it took her to pass me, tie her shoe lace, make a phone call, and disappear from site on the IM Arizona run course)

Okay, enough chatter. Off to make some dinner and get to writing about some much cooler news…..


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