Classless in Seattle

Greetings from a wet and slushy Seattle. As you may have seen from my Twitter feed, yet another day of classes was cancelled on me thanks to the snow and ice melt. After trekking across downtown for most of the day and seeing the conditions on the street, this was probably a good call.

I woke up bright and early as I couldn’t sleep this morning. Pretty typical for this triathlete on the road. Rather than tossing and turning, I threw on the running shoes for the first time in a while and headed down to the rental cave. Okay, so this time I had my new shoes and my orthotics in. Started off very easy at 9:30 pace. I focused on landing on my left forefoot nice and flat rather than the outside. It was amazing how much I had to concentrate to do this. But, when I did, it felt so much more fluid. After a mile, I dialed it up to 9:13, my recovery pace, for two miles. Those went great with no pain. Feeling good, I dialed it up to a little below my marathon pace at 8:30 for three miles. This went well as long as I concentrated HARD on my form. I had never noticed before, but if I didn’t pay attention to what I was doing, my legs and feet were flopping all over. I kept channeling my inner Crowie and things stayed nice and smooth. A few hours post run, my knee is only a little stiff. NO PAIN. I’m back baby.

After the morning offering to the triathlon gods, I set off to find the best cup of coffee I could find in my area. After doing way too much research online, I grabbed my MPH books and headed out to Local Color near the market.The snow and ice had changed to full on rain, and it was not a fun walk. I still used the Yak Trax as the sidewalks were not fully cleaned. They were especially useful when I had to descend a snow and ice covered hill right by market on Pine. I think I grew another chest hair after that descent. Probably the most annoying feature of the day was the ginormous puddles at each crosswalk. I saw more than a few Seattle-lites cursing at their feet after stepping in a five inch deep puddle of icy street water. I just hope some poor sap didn’t slip into one.

One after another today....

Despite the miserable weather, I can say the trip out was honestly worth it. I was greeted by a warm seat and free wifi at Local Color. I settled in and ordered a house special, an Aztec Mocha. Basically, it was a mocha blended with chocolate, cinnamon, nutmeg, and cayenne pepper. LOTS of cayenne pepper. Now, I’m the kind of person that might spread 1-2 tablespoons of Sriracha on one fried egg; I can take heat. But let me tell ya, that Aztec Mocha had a kick!

Aztec Mocha. SO GOOD.

If you’re in the Seattle area, I highly recommend Local Color. Nice staff and great atmosphere. No corporate controlled décor here. Just a stool, a plug, and good coffee made with care.

After coffee, I headed over to the market for lunch. It was pretty dead with the weather. Honestly, it was nice not having to weave my way through the crowd. I ate lunch at Pike Place Chinese Cuisine. I’ve been eating lunch there since I started school in Seattle. I can’t really say it’s a unique taste or anything. There is just something great about sipping Jasmine tea and a bowl of hot and sour soup while overlooking a rainy waterfront.

The view from the most narrow restaurant in Seattle.

After that, I headed on over Westlake Center to try Dillentante Mocha. One of my squad mates said this place puts chocolate to the extreme in their mocha. The services was a little stand offish for my likes. Yet, the chocolate in my mocha more than made up for the lack of ambience. If you like rich sweet Mocha, try Dillentante out.



Caffeinated and tired of reading, I made one more stop on my culinary tour. Anyone who has visited this blog knows I like beer. I heard through the hop vine that there was a bar called Taphouse Grill near my hotel with 160 beers on tap. That’s right. 160 beers on tap. I refused to believe it until I saw it, so I stopped in on my way back to the hotel. And well…there you have it…

Time only allowed a brief gawk on my part but I’m heading back there tonight with a few of my classmates. Hopefully the food is as good as the beer selection.

Now…how in the world do I log all this in my Lose it app…..

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