Russian Roulette: Group Revolver

Another great training night for the group. Today was VO2 day. That basically means bring your shoes, a towel, and a bucket for vomit and blood. Workout this evening was the tried and true Revolver Sufferfest video. After a brief warm up, it was 16X1 minute at 120-150% threshold pace. In other words, give it all you got while keeping form for one minute over and over again. I’ve done this a few times before, but this was my first time using the Trainer Road software. It was also my first time with my buddy, The Lawyer. He said he would be gentle. He lied.

Us hitting the self destruct button.

Are you ready for the gruesome footage? Okay, consider yourself warned:

From WKO

Currently, our training group is a month into our experiment in suffering. Last winter, we were doing 2X20 threshold workouts every few weeks. This month, we are doing it twice a week. On top of that, we are doing these VO2 workouts. When I started this month, I could barely rotate 240 watts during Revolver. Today, I was cranking near 280-300. And I felt in control. Sure, it was hard work, but it didn’t feel like I was running from the FBI again.

It’s great to see some movement in the right direction. I’m most certainly looking forward to testing my FTP next week. Bring it!

On the technical side of things, it was great to have the Trainer Road software along for the telemetry. There were some glitches. First, the video kept getting behind the clock. By the end of the video, I was mashing away at the pedals while the video was in recovery. This was even with me making the software window tiny. It probably had something to do with my 2 year old laptop and the simultaneous running of a webcam and Google hangout. Another weird thing is the NP values for the TR software. In fact, I’m not certain if norm power for a 1 minute interval can be calculated accurately, and the listed values appear very different than my average power from  my Garmin/WKO data. Also, I couldn’t hear The Lawyer at all with the sound of the Sufferfest video noise. One more thing, make sure you pair your ANT USB device right before the ride. I paired mine about 20 minutes prior. It apparently unpaired before I started the ride and that’s why I am missing some of the data.

Can't explain that Norm Power discrepancy.

I’m not sure what to make of it. Fortunately, the guys at Trainer Road are listening to their customers and working hard to resolve the issues. I know for a fact they are about to add a volume control feature. I can’t wait to see the new updates from Trainer Road.

Time for some Pellegrino, compression socks, and apparently Big Trouble in Little China. WIN.

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