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Trisports Mysports: The Trisports Champions Program

If you have visited this blog anytime in the last few months, you know that I have been a longtime fan of Trisports down in Arizona. My relationship with Trisports started like most other tri-geeks, with a large order of triathlon gear right before/after your first triathlon. Ever since that first experience, Trisports has never failed to be a great virtual LBS. Their customer service is outstanding, their prices and deals are top notch, they care for the environment, and they care about our incredible sport.

While I have always thought highly of Trisports, my impression of them was kicked up to a new level after I got invited to a VIP breakfast with Leanda Cave at Ironman Arizona just for being a customer. And I’m not even one of those “special” customers; I don’t even have aero wheels.

Trisports satisfies your NOM.

Following that awesomeness, I got pretty vocal about my opinion of Trisports. In further evidence of their responsiveness to their customers, Trisports noticed and honored me with the first ever sale promo for Ironvan; the IronvanGivesAShip free shipping code. After the shipping code development, I pretty much had assumed that my level of happiness with Trisports had reached the limits of theoretical physics. Critical awesome mass had been reached. But then, sticking with their reputation, Trisports took things to yet a higher level.

I’m happy to report that just yesterday, I found out that I have the honor of racing in the red, white, blue of the Trisports Kit this year as one of the Trisports Champions. I just can’t get enough of red uniforms apparently. The purpose of the Trisports Champion program is to support athletes who help promote our sport on all levels and abilities. Of course, I will also be promoting Trisports. Fortunately, as we all know, it’s a company that I find easy to get behind.

The biggest change for me is that I get a new kit finally. Pics to come. The real change is for my readers. As I get information about new deals, I will be sure to pass them on quickly so you can snag goodies before they disappear. I also will apparently be involved with TriSports University reviews; will keep you posted. Finally, I will also get my own shopping code, which you can use every time you shop to say “I’m shopping here because rocking Ironvan told me about this awesome deal.” Yeah, I get a little something something if you use it, so if your fan of the blog, help an age grouper out! I need some new wheels!

And yes, I will still be able to keep representing the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation. It’s looking like an exciting year for Ironvan.

Ironvan and The Ovarian Cancer Research Fund Team Up

Last week, I was doing some spring cleaning (yep, it’s that warm here in Montana) and I came across a piece of my past. Something that reminded me why I chose to live the life of an endurance athlete. In a folder, wedged between some baptism candles and a newspaper from September 11, I came across this folded piece of paper. It is the eulogy I wrote for my sister’s funeral in March 2002.

Almost ten years ago, I lost my sister to ovarian cancer. It took only six months from her diagnosis to her passing. She was only 33 years old when she died. One year younger than me. The brevity of her life has always been one of the most striking aspects of her passing. It was this lesson in the fragility of life that led me to strive to live every day to its full potential. It is why I swim lap after lap. It is why I ride for the sky. It is why I run until I can’t run anymore.

Ovarian cancer changed my family forever. But, I am only one of the millions who have suffered the consequences of this disease. Much work and research remains to be done with the screening, diagnosis, treatment, and management of ovarian cancer. Fortunately, I have been given a unique opportunity to make a difference in this disease.

As of today, I will no longer be racing for myself but racing to raise funds for the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund. The OCRF is the largest US, private philanthropy dedicated exclusively to funding ovarian cancer research. Their goal is to fund scientific research that leads to more effective identification, treatment, and ultimately a cure for ovarian cancer. Since 1988, the OCRF has donated 45 million dollars to ovarian cancer research. 90% of every raised dollar goes directly to research.

Thanks to the help of the OCRF, I will be displaying the OCRF logo while racing and training. In addition, the OCRF will be providing my blog a personal link that will give philanthropists a simple way to donate. What makes this link unique is that, unlike other popular donation sights on the internet, no administrative fees are subtracted from donations. 100% of donations go directly to the OCRF and donations are fully tax deductible.

In a few days, I will be adding the donation link and additional information on this new venture. I hope you will join me in remembering my sister and fighting ovarian cancer.

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