We Can Rebuild Him

Lets get this party started.

Time for a training update. It’s been one heck of a week at home and work, so I am going to keep this short and to the point. I started the week with an easy run of 3 miles at a slow 9:20 pace. Felt pretty stiff to start, but after a good fifteen minutes, my legs eased up pretty well.

On Tuesday, I attempted  a 2X20 test. It wasn’t my best test effort and my legs felt tired. FTP came out actually less at 209w. I blame fatigue so I will try again next week. As a training ride though, it was great.

On Wed I got a 5.5mile run in on the treadmill. Again, started off sore, but the knee quickly eased up. After about 30 minutes, I started a slow build up, eventually hanging out around 8mph for five minutes at 1%. Form stayed pretty good and knee felt nice. Slowed it up for a nice cool down and stretch. Knee intact.

Today was just a mind numbing day at work. I was barely able to stay up when I got home. After dinner and a nice cup of coffee, I was able to muster the energy for a ride. This week I started the “Build a Bigger Engine” plan on Trainer Road. I am thrilled to have some new workouts, you know, that are not just 2X20 over and over. Today was 4X10min right around FTP. Here are the numbers:

This appeals to my sense of symmetry.

For comparison, here is the WKO data.

As you can see, things are fairly similar between the WKO and the TR data. What is confusing me is what the difference between NP and Power is in TR. At this point, I am assuming Power means average power. I will have to look at the materials online.

Its great to be starting a new plan. In addition, I am thrilled that my knee seems to be improving. In other knee related news, I just got a 2 new pairs of Sole orthotics for my cycling and running shoes today. These are my first new pairs in about two years….yeah, I’m an idiot. The Sole orthotics are the cool “bake” your own ones I had before. You heard me. You BAKE these. I will do a more in depth review this weekend for all you gear freaks.

Okay, time to sleep. Exciting update coming this weekend…. stay tuned!


About Ironvan

From couch potato to Ironman triathlete in 2 years.

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  1. How can NP be less than AP, the math doesn’t work? I am noticing the same thing recently with my Quarq and Garmin combo when I download to WKO. Also have gotten VI of .99. The math works (based on NP less than AP) but doesn’t make sense. What do you think…

    • Great question Dave. I will admit, I have zero math skills, especially in regards to this stuff. I will be talking to the TrainerRoad guys this weekend probably and I will let them know that maybe posting some explanations of the math in the software would be a good idea. Thanks for visiting!

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