I Got Sole

Hello feet. Tonight I want to share my sole with you.  So break out the wine, dim the lights, light the candles, and let’s talk about what’s really sexy: insoles.

So yes, I probably have an unhealthy and frankly illegal relationship with my shoe inserts. My search for the right pair of insoles made helping Indiana find those rocks in Temple of Doom look like a Where’s Waldo adventure. So, when I finally decided on Soles, it meant that I thought they were really good. And they were. My first pair just went through two years of triathlon and finally, it was time to change them out. As such, I thought it was a perfect time to showcase these bad babies on my blog.


Let’s cut to the chase. If you buy directly from Sole, it will run you about 50-45 dollars. I was able to get a better deal on Amazon; ended up paying around 30 bucks for each pair. Not too cheap, but not too expensive either.


I’m a sucker for companies that minimize unnecessary packaging. You should have seen the look on my face when I got my new Lenovo laptop battery packaged in something that looked like it could hold nuclear waste. I was pretty pleased when I saw the eco friendly packaging by Sole:


So there are a couple of different types of footbeds available from Sole. I got the DK Response for my running shoes and the Thin Sport Footbeds for my cycling shoes. Models can vary in regards to thickness, support, and venting. Make sure you check out the website to choose the right one.

Profile for the Thin Sport Footbeds

Profile for DK Response

Differences in bottom between the Thin Footbed and DK Response


You can buy the Soles in various sizes ranges. It is unlikely that they will fit right out of the box. I did have to carefully cut mine down to the size of my current insoles. If you cut them too short…well, you will be firing up Amazon Prime again. Along those lines, these insoles are designed to replace your current foot liner in your shoe. IE, you don’t put these on top of your shoe’s original shoe sole. If they don’t come out, you may have some difficulties.

Okay, here comes the fun part. I know the rage is custom insoles. Frankly though, I don’t have a couple of hundred dollars lying around to spend on my feet. What is really cool about Sole  is that you can bake them to your fit your feet. That’s right.


First, start your oven and fire it up to 200 degrees. Take your insoles, cover in olive oil and sea salt (just kidding), and throw them in the oven on a baking sheet.

On the side of the sole, there is a heat sensitive sticker that lets you know when they are well done. It should take about three minutes. After that, stick em in your shoes, follow them with your feet, and stand for three minutes.

TADA! Semi custom insoles. The included information from the manufacture says you don’t have to bake em; they will adapt to your feet over time. But come on; who can resist baking footwear.


From what I have seen from the Sole website, the insoles should last for about a year. I have gone through a ton of insoles, and these are the only ones that didn’t break down over time. They lasted so long, I actually forgot to change them out and used them for about two years. If you have foot/gait problems and are looking for something semi custom, head over to Sole now! Best of all, they are also giving away free performance socks with their insoles until March 14. Cha-ching!

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  2. Wonderful post on Custom Insoles. These are Ultra Absorbent Insoles to provide best foot support solution. Thanks for sharing with us!

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