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Time To Mess With Texas

Like some many times in history, the land of Texas holds the hearts and minds of many across the world tonight. Luckily, this time around it doesn’t involve an election. However, tomorrow in Texas does pertain to epic battles, blood, sweat, probably some poop, and the crowning of a leader.

Unless you have been stuck under a very large and mossy boulder in the Amazon for, I don’t know, twenty years, you know who Lance Armstrong is. However, unless you’re a triathlete (or remotely connected to the world of cycling and triathlon somehow) what you may not know is that Mr. Armstrong is racing in the Lonestar Half-Ironman in Galveston tomorrow.

You heard me. Lance. Armstrong. Half-Ironman. TEXAS.

After his second place finish in the Panama Half-IM, peopls are expecting a lot from Mr. Armstrong in his home country. Again, he is stacked against an impressive pro field. And they seem pretty confident, even if some of them may not be in the best health.

But again, this is Mr. Armstrong (I don’t pretend to know him on a first name basis). I’d love to hear your predictions on his performance. The only thing I know about pros are that they are much faster than my car, so I don’t have a clue. But what do you think?!

Love or hate him, tomorrow is no doubt going to be an interesting show. Well, it will be a show until the always horrendous Ironman live coverage dies on everyone. But what can you expect, it’s not like we pay WTC tons of money or anything. I digress.

So, grab your cowboy hat, get the grill ready to charbroil some tofu steaks, pour a light beer, and steam that quinoa because it’s game time at 7:00am central in Texas tomorrow!

Can’t Train Always II: Saturday Morning


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