It hasn’t been the best last few days for me. For some reason, I have been feeling more and more tired all the time. Things really came to a “head” on Saturday when I woke up with a horrible migraine. I used to get them quite frequently as a teen until I had my eyes fixed; now I only get them maybe once or twice a year. Saturday was a whopper. Woke up dying. Did my usual ritual of 800mg of Ibuprofen and coffee to no avail. I added in some Tylenol and Aspirin and still nothing. After a good nap, things finally started to lighten up by 11 AM. I had lunch and then set off to get a recovery run in. Here is the data:

See that drop in pace. That's called presyncope.

At about 2.5 miles in, my legs started feeling woozy and then I started walking. Things were rocking more than the B-52s under a tin roof. I seriously thought I was going to lose it but I held on for a few moments. Then picked up my pace again. Crazy? Yes, but hey, it could happen at mile 20 of an Ironman. After my run, I was completely shelled.

Sunday, I hit the bike for a pretty heavy ride on Trainer Road. If you haven’t seen it yet, here is the prescription.

Of course, of all rides for my power meter batteries to die, it had to be during the last ride of my training plan. So alas, I have no data after the first interval set. Them be the breaks. I felt better than the day prior, and I wondered if it had anything to do with the large breakfast I ate that morning. I got a three mile run in 26:04 after things felt decent. IE, I didn’t pass out on the treadmill.

Today, again I felt drained beyond belief. I woke up with a headache. That went away with breakfast and coffee. Interestingly, wasn’t even in the mood to stomach much coffee. I hit the pool for 2100 yards over lunch. Pace is still on for The Grizzly in two weeks. I put out 16:47 for 1000y. While relatively mediocre, this is the same time I had last year at the Grizzly and I have barely been swimming. After I got home, I put in five miles. Relatively slow pace of 8:22 overall, but I feel like it hurt way more than it should have.

Something isn’t right. I have a couple of hypotheses for this development. One, maybe I am over training. Nah, forget that. HTFU! Two, my thyroid hormone replacement is off. Will check on that; time to break out the needle. Three, I am depleted of glycogen and I am not eating enough. I am thinking hypothesis three is the likely culprit. I have been missing some meals in the day, especially lunch. On top of that, I have been burning more calories with the increased training. Moreover, I have changed my diet a lot lately, mainly cutting out carbs and beer. Okay, I have cut down on alcohol big time. My weight agrees with this hypothesis also. I actually was down to 133lb after a run recently. I haven’t weighed that since senior year of high school.

So, I am attempting to rectify this. All this training is no good if I don’t have the energy to use the new muscle. I am going to focus on getting the right kind of calories in regularly and focusing on lean meats and vegetables. I came across this nice glyocgen article on if your interested to learn some basics.  I also will be enjoying plenty of quinoa and oatmeal. It will be interesting to see my weight during this uptake in calories. I feel I need to likely gain a pound or two, but I don’t want to blow up. And rest assured readers. After multiple experiences working with eating disorders patients, I have no intention of losing any more weight. Hopefully I will have some more updates this week. Something along the lines of “boy that run followed by a salmon burger with sweet potato fries was awesome.”

Speaking of awesome, I got my unique discount code for this week. As you may have read, I am a member of the Trisports Champion Program, and for my help in promoting our incredible sport and the awesome Trisports store, I get my own discount code for YOU to use. Just enter in IRONVAN-S at checkout for 10% off anytime! I will keep you guys posted on deals as I find them.

PS: Strides of March complete! I fell short of my goal and only ran 30/31 days. But were not stopping here. 334 days to go!

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From couch potato to Ironman triathlete in 2 years.

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