Funk You

It reached an incredible 61 degrees today here in Montana, and I figured it was a good time for a data spiced training update. As you may remember from my last post, I was stuck in a fatigue funk. Just was absolutely drained. Following the week long wall, I made a change in my diet habits and got my thyroid tested to see what was up.

Thyroid you ask? Yes, I have no thyroid. The thyroid gland and its product, thyroid hormone, help regulate the body’s metabolism. Since mine was obliterated in a radiation attack secondary to Grave’s disease, I have had to take thyroid hormone replacement for about eight years now. Sometime, I will have to take the time to talk about my history with Grave’s disease. It was incredible. Just to give you an idea, I used to be able to eat an entire medium pizza in one sitting without ever gaining weight and more than once I stood in the snow barefoot and shirtless for minutes at a time in order to cool my body temp.

Thyroid cycle.

I digress. Short story is that my labs came back today and my thyroid levels look appropriate. So no change in my medications. But no problem, because in fact, my funk ended a few days after I changed my diet. To recap, I have focused on getting all my meals in during the day and I have been hitting glycogen building foods heavily.  The scale tipped a little up today by one pound, but I’m not too concerned about that. All I care about is that I have a new pep in my step and I’m getting some quality workouts in.

My TrainerRoad sessions are going very well. After stepping up my new FTP to 225, I was definitely hurting for a while. But things have been much more comfortable over the past week. Today was short intervals and I definitely am hitting new territory. When I started doing intervals back in January, I was struggling to hit 240 for a minute. Today, I was cranking along at 340ish for intervals.

If you like graphs, the Trainer Road software has further evolved to include personal bests and more career graphs. Check out the changes I’ve had with Trainer Road:

The top line is 5 second power. The bottom is 60 minute power. I am most stoked about that, which has increased from 184 -202w.

Swim is stable. It’s now the April Pool’s challenge. Basically, we are striving for an average of 7000 yards a week. Don’t laugh; we hate to swim and we have to start somewhere. Feeling pretty good and form is steadily becoming more….well, steady. My first race of the year is coming up in a little less than two weeks, I am on tract to maybe be slightly faster. I don’t think I will be slower at least, and that is a miracle with my lackluster swimming schedule up to this point.

For the run, things are stable. The run was what felt worse during the funk but I seemed to have rebounded fairly well. I had a stable five mile tempo late last week on the track at 35:56. Wasn’t punishing, but wasn’t easy. I’m still on my daily run challenge, and so far, April is going to plan. I have been putting it at least two miles a day, but I strive to finish up three at least. Form is feeling much better. I feel like the muscles in my legs are changing and it seems to be getting easier to keep those low seven, high six paces. This weekend, I am racing a local 10k, my first foot race in a long time. Last time, I put out 46:21 on the hilly course. Average pace was 7:27. I think I can do faster now, especially with the excitement of the day. It’s going to hurt a lot, but heck, that’s what it’s all about.

For the next few days, I will be mostly riding as I am heading out of town for a few days without my bike. I will focus on some good running. Luckily, it looks like the weather will be great in Seattle.

Needless to say, I am excited about my first race as part of the Trisports Champion’s team. Once I get my banging kit in, I will post some pics. You can get your very own cool kit from Trisports, as well as other goodies, with 10% off by using IRONVAN-S. If you need some goodies, head on over and check out I know that have some good sales going on right now, especially if you need some classic Newtons. Stock up!


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