Monthly Archives: July 2012

Oh Canada

The “vacation” continued today in Canada. Headed up to Fernie, BC for a guided trip along the Michel Creek with Fernie Fly Fishing. Great guide, great food, great weather, and great fishing.

The Michel Creek on its way to the Elk River.

Crystal clear water despite the rain.

My prize for the day.

Training? What Training?

It’s admittedly been hard, but I have been taking this week off from work AND triathlon. Haven’t swam. Rode a recovery ride once. Okay, I did do some intervals yesterday. But overall, I am for once this year taking this week easy with some med school buds and trout. Recovery is key isn’t it!

Yours truly in the most clothed self photo I have ever posted to the blog.

Beautiful day on Wounded Buck Creek off Hungry Horse Reservoir.

The reservoir in all it’s glory.

The prize for today: small cutthroat trout. Tomorrow, it’s time for big fish on the Elk River in British Columbia.

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