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How To Train Your Dragon…Sort Of

A couple of my friends wanted some more pics from the recent Dragon boat practice. Here they are. More to come in the next few weeks! Oh, and here is a link to my cool panaorama of the practice.

Blistering Blunder

It’s been an exciting week and a half of rest since my race in Polson. I have been taking it “easy” in regards to training and I definitely can say I needed some down time. I will just keep it short and simple in regards to last week’s training. Here is what I was up to:

Date Discipline Workout
8/19 OFF OFF
8/20 Run 5k in serious pain. Walked for two minutes. 9:20 pace.
8/20 Swim 1000 yards or just cruising, mainly to cool off.
8/21 Swim 2000 yards of 300-100 repeats. Holding around 1:37 average.
8/22 Bike Trainer Road – Pyramidal. TSS 71, 84 IF
8/22 Swim 1000 yards of drills. Finally adding some kicking and working on my stroke count. Shooting for 60 strokes per minute with a two beat kick. Amazingly, was holding 1:32 without much difficulty.
8/23 Run Hilly 5k with a little more speed. 27:10
8/24 Run Hot and hilly 5k at 25:10. Followed that with 2 miles on the track with 4X ¼ mile repeats between 1:38-1:45.
8/25 Run Dragon boat paddling followed by a 5k in Somers at 23:46.
8/25 Swim Quick and cool 1000 yard open water swim.
8/26 Bike 2×20 FTP test. OUCH. Little slide downward maybe to 224. But I will keep it at 225. See details below.
8/27 Run 10k on the Summit Classic Course. First 5k warm up at around 28:33. Then tempo 5k at 25:00.
8/28 Run and Weights 2 miles on the track. Then another mile around the track broken up with lifting.
8/29 Pool Run Pretty much destroyed my feet…..

Wow. That is a lot more concise; I like it. Anyhow, its been great to not worry too much about pacing or racing. I just like getting out and feeling the sun on my face. The most serious workout of the week was a big one I’ll admit. I put in a FTP test to see how I was doing heading into the off season. It hurt fairly much and it definitely wasn’t my best pacing. One metric has me at 226w and another one has me at 224w. So I will keep it in the middle at 225w. Despite not having increased my power, I am actually pretty happy just maintaining as I haven’t been as consistent with riding due to all the racing. I’m still heading into the off season way stronger than I was last fall.

FTP staying at 225W

If you are truly reading my workout list above, you may have noticed something odd. No, not my slow pace. I’m talking about “Dragon boat paddling.” On September 8, I will get the chance to compete on the first Dragon Boat race on Flathead lake.  Here’s a little video of what this entails.

Since my team, which represents the hospital, has absolutely zero experience in this, we got together for a little practice this weekend. Needless to say, we needed it. Getting 20 people to row in unison is almost as hard as registering for IMNYC/New Jersey/Championship/WhateverTheHellYouWantToCallIt. That being said, it was a blast.

Of course, being the typical metric obsessed triathlete, I wore my Garmin. Check this out:

Expect some exciting photos in the upcoming weeks. I wonder if my aero helmet would give us an aerodynamic advantage while rowing…..

Another exciting adventure I had was running on an indoor pool treadmill today. Relax: I am not injured. One of my colleagues is a physical therapist, and he had a Hydroworx treadmill installed in his clinic. While its great for helping patients who are attempting to return to weight bearing exercise, it is also awesome for checking out your gait and getting a good workout in.


Definitely a cool experience. The only bad part is the battle scars it left me. Check out these babies:

I think I can definitely say I am pushing off on the inside of my toe…. While this wasn’t that bad at first, by the time I got done mowing the lawn tonight, my foot was smarting something fierce. Cue BEER and Advil.

The evening’s pain killer.

So, now I am apparently taking an even more in depth break for a few days. Luckily, there is plenty of nursery left to remodel.

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