NOM File: Halo S’Mores and Kate’s Grizzly Bar

Hey you guys!!!!

Between swimming, dictations, and paperwork, I have plenty of chances to miss lunch. And since I become as grumpy as Sloth from Goonies when I don’t eat, I have been resorting to the efficient meal that is both rectangular and wrapped in foil: health bars!

Most of my goodies come from Mountain Valley Foods in Kalispell, my go to place for anything organic and unique. Definitely check them out if you need something special. Last week, which was particularly busy, I got the chance to go with two treats. First up was the S’Mores bar from ProBar.

While the wrapper looks pretty, it turns out that this is a case of “only skin deep.” Opening this baby up, I was expecting to be greeted by the warm aroma of chocolate melting over marshmallows and graham crackers. Unfortunately, I was greeted only by a dry crumbly substance that reminded something of old school erasers. It pretty much tasted that way.

Maybe I am a smore snob. Maybe I like flavorful food. In either case, this one is not for me.

As luck would have it, my next bar journey was much more enjoyable. Next up was Kate’s Grizzly Bar. Being from Montana, anything with the word Grizzly in it just had to be good.

Opening this baby up, I found the aroma of moist granola and a soft bar with plenty of flavor. It was also surprisingly filling and made a great compliment to a fresh cup of coffee. Seriously, this is probably the best health bar I’ve ever eaten.

So, if you’re hungry for a quick snack, Ironvan says go for the Grizzly in this case. It’s the only one I can bear…..(sorry about that one)

PS: Coming soon. I am drinking a beet/ginger organic beverage right now. I think it’s a beverage form of waterboarding. More on that later…

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From couch potato to Ironman triathlete in 2 years.

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