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New Training Partner

Introducing my new baby Bruce. Many adventures ahead for us together I’m sure. Per his blanket footprints, he may need some stability Newtons.


Top Ten Signs You’re a Pregnant Triathlete Couple in Labor

Can you guess why I’m writing this? I have some time to kill apparently. Okay, here’s nothing:

10. You get your hospital ID band on your right so it doesn’t cover up the Ironman wristband you’ve been wearing on your left since CDA 2010.

9. In addition to baby’s heartbeat and contractions, you’re also monitoring your HR to make sure you reach your zones.

8. Anything less than 17 hours is childs play in your book.

7. You refer to getting an epidural as “pulling a Lance.”

6. After the OB says “lets break your water”, you put on swim goggles.

5. You’re watching Sufferfest videos to keep you in the groove.

4. When your nurse asks how bad the contractions feel, you reply “somwhere between interval and sprint pace.”

3. Given birthing ball, you instinctly begin doing crunches.

2. Your walk around labor and delivery included 4x800m intervals.

1. You’ve taped 10 Hammer gels to the inside of your thighs.

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