Cold Shoulder

I’m starting to complain about my diet. I am looking lovingly at my bike on its trainer. I’ve started searching for new motivational You Tube videos. Must mean one thing. My crotch is ready for more pain.

I started feeling pretty decent a couple of days ago, so on Friday last week, I finally laced up the Newtons and took the new goods out for a jog. I put in a slow 8:45 min/mile pace around the indoor track for three miles. I had a little bit of soreness, nothing to right home about. But that might have been because of the intense pain I was getting in my right shoulder/neck. I wasn’t a quarter of a mile into my first run in eight days when I had the worst neck and shoulder pain I have ever experienced in my life. It was a “fascinating” experience.

After I finished up, the pain continued through out the day. It was so bad, I had a hard time moving my neck or sleeping. I figured it was just pains from restarting, so I downed some Advil and hoped for the best. The next morning, things weren’t much better at all. Following my own medical advice, I knew the worst thing I could do was be immobile, so (you guessed it) I went for another three mile run. This time I threw in some 7:45 pace during the last half mile. Legs felt great and my shoulder loosened up some. The next day, things were slightly better, so….I ran again. This time four miles with the last two miles at 8:30 pace. Felt great and neck improved some, but it was still lingering.

I have pain over the upper medial trapezius and levator scapulae

At this point, I got serious about fixing the aches. I went to the pharmacy and got some of those stick on heating pads. Worked wonders. I also started pounding 800mg of Ibuprofen around the clock (every eight hours in other words). This morning, I woke up with only a minor “feeling alive” shoulder ache. So….I ran again, 5 miles at 7:24 pace with a one mile cool down. Felt great.

I heart heat too.

Despite this discomfort, this was a great learning experience. First, I have never experienced neck spasms or difficulties with range of motion in the spine before. We all know I have had back pain once or twice during a ride, but even my pain at CDA 2011 was nothing compared to this. It was truly rewarding to experience some of the things my patient’s frequently complain of. Second, this was a good wake up call that I need to look at my body mechanics and running form in regards to my arm. While I was sitting there with a bag of ice on my shoulder, I remembered that for all three Ironmans, I had back right shoulder/neck pain on the run. So much so that at every aid station, I would put a cold sponge under my jersey over the right shoulder blade. Time to figure this out.

Despite that, it appears that I am back to running. I still haven’t ventured onto the carbon pony. Thursday will be the day for that. I am extraordinarily scared to see my watts. I’m hoping that I will be so charged up to ride that my FTP stays the same. I guess I should just be hoping it’s not like getting kicked in the groin repeatedly for an hour. I’ve experienced that way too much in my life already.

Okay, time for some more ice!

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From couch potato to Ironman triathlete in 2 years.

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