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Wed Trisports Doorbuster Deal: How about a complete Litespeed bike with Di2 for 2 grand?


As promised, Trisports has emailed out their Wed Door Buster deal. They have wetsuits for 85% off and complete Litespeed bikes for 60% off. On top of that, the whole store is 25% off! Just click the link below and head on over. I dont think my referral code works with it, but hey, you never know!

I want me some savings at Trisports!

Top Ten Signs You’re a Triathlete on Black Friday (Now With Trisports Deals Info!!)

It’s almost that time of year when us Americans gather together and celebrate the tradition of a running through a gauntlet of frenzied tacklers, prized possession in hand, in an attempt to cross a line of victory. No, I’m not talking about football. I’m talking about Black Friday.

There are two things I avoid in life like the plague. One is the plague. The other is Wal-Mart on the morning of Black Friday. This cyber junky does all his shopping online from the couch. The only clambering over each other that occurs on the morning after Thanksgiving comes from my kids trying to steal my iPad.

To do my part in keeping you safe, I thought I would help out those of you looking to score some Black Friday deals in triathlon. I just got word that Trisports is going to be having some mega cool door buster deals on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday morning. The powers that be have assured me that the deals will break the laws of fiscal physics. Here’s the deal though; you have to sign up for the Trisports email list into order to get the deal. So click on the link below and have at it!


I’ll be getting more details soon on the deals and if I see anything great, I’ll let you know. And to celebrate this lovely money saving moment, let us revisit my Top Ten Signs You’re a Triathlete on Black Friday:

10. You put Body Glide on your credit card.

9. You were the only person standing in front of the heating pads/Bengay section in Wal-Mart at 11:59 PM Thursday.

8. You were late to the door opening at Kohls at 4:00 AM because you decided to throw one more 800m interval at the track.

7. To be safe, you lined up about 20 feet back from the doors at Wal-mart and then crawled over the slow pokes when the store opened.

6. You’re wearing a race belt with coupons clipped to it.

5. By the time the second shopper in Target had picked a cart, you were already transitioning from electronics to housewares.

4. When an old lady jostled you for a spot before the doors at TJ Max opened, you responded by pulling off her glasses, giving an elbow to the side, and peeing in your pants next to her.

3. You know that optimal distance for shopping cart drafting is 6 inches.

2. Your M-Dot tattoo has a Target logo for a head.

1. Even though you stuck to the “deals and necessities” you still spent 8 grand on new tri gear.

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