Three Sports and a Baby

The Selleck Mustache. One of the few manmade objects visible from the International Space Station.

And were back after and extended child rearing break! After my last post, you can imagine that its been a period of change and adjustment after the new addition to our family. But remain calm my fellow endurance freaks! I have still been training; it has just taken some ingenuity, technology, and plenty of caffeine to keep the game up.

As for the little one himself, he is thankfully being the typical newborn. He lets my wife and I sleep in roughly 3-4 hour shifts at night. That gets interrupted with diaper swaps, what I call “transition”, and breast feeding, or what I call “special needs,” for about 30 minutes. So, I am still squeezing in about six hours a night. Broken, but better than nothing. During the day, my wife has her hands full with him, and I take over during the evening after work. Somewhere in the midst of this, we are trying to raise our three other kids better than Sponge Bob.

So, the question that I have been getting a lot lately is “how in the world do you find time?” The answer is really any way I can. Little Shark (that’s my nickname for him..his first name is Bruce….like the shark from Finding Nemo….Boobs are friends not food!!!) has this habit of waking up for a feeding right around 5:15-6:00 am. After eating he tends to sleep for a least an hour. So, essentially, this dude forces me out of  bed better than an alarm clock. It’s too close to breakfast to fall back asleep, so I just hop on the bike for an hour of TrainerRoad. At lunch, I can usually get in about a three mile run and 2000 yards in the pool. Or I will just take another hour at 5:00-6:00 to run. Or all of the above. For example, Tuesday was an hour and half on Trainer Road, 2200 in the pool of 500×2 and 12X100, and 4 miles at 8:30.

After broken sleep, those morning sessions are admittedly tough to start. Nothing that plenty of coffee or low carb Monster can’t fix though. Surprisingly, quality has been on the mark too. I am just about finished with the first half of the cycling base plan on TrainerRoad. Legs feel back up to speed and I think I am still near my prior FTP at 225w, 3.6 w/kg. If I had to guess, I would say I am somewhere between 218-225w.

Running wise, I am still into my base. Now don’t laugh:  I am barely running 20 miles a week at this point. It has been surprisingly hard to ramp up the mileage again, but the legs are feeling better and better each week. I hope to be averaging around 30 miles a week when I start up the high intensity stuff again in December/January.

Ditto for swimming too. Averaging about 6000y a week and I am essentially starting from scratch. I’m breaking out all the tools this year to get stronger and faster for next year’s Olympics. Frankly speaking, this is probably where I can gain the most between now and the next race season.

And somewhere in the middle of this, I am in the research phase of Grad School. That kind of work is pretty much done with an iPad in one hand and a baby in the other.  Thank God for the dictation function in iOS.

The biggest shock was how quickly we are going through wipes, diapers, and trash bags. Little dude knows how to let loose in his pants like a pro triathlete. Overall, I would say the new addition is going better than I expected. That being said, some bug caught up with me again and I have had a raging sinus headache for the last 24 hours. It was one of those full on, unilateral, tooth pain associated gnaws that felt as good as an ART session by Freddy Krueger. Fortunately, it passed fairly quickly and I am back on my feet. I even got a fairly easy ride into by the afternoon. But just a ride. I wouldn’t want to over do it. Rest: another four letter word. (Just kidding, rest is a part of training!)

I’ll be ramping up the blog again here soon. I’ve got a few new tri related toys I want to review as well as some tangentially related products. For example, I am loving that Dropcam I reviewed a while back. Now that I have actually had a chance to use with the actually “new baby accessory” I need to do a follow up review. Stay tuned!


No reference to Three Men and a Baby would be complete without a re-visit to the Three Men and a Baby ghost myth:


Check out Snopes for the debunk so you can sleep tonight!

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