Wii Bit of Fun

I wanted to follow up a little bit on this week’s threshold test. After testing on Wed, I took things a little lighter on Friday. Got in an 8 mile run at 8:24 pace. An odd thing that has been happening lately is that I am getting horrible gas problems while running. It always seems to start about 4 miles in. I may need to look at my diet more closely and start eliminating gas producing foods. Even odder, my wife is for some reason very suddenly excited about this training plan of mine. Anyhow, also squeezed in a 1000y TT at 16:24. I did the Grizzly 1000 last April at 16:06, so I am hoping I can break 16:00 this year.

Thanks to those two days and a healthy drink from the grad school fire hydrant, I took Saturday off. Yep, off completely.  Unfortunately, I got bitten by the impulse bug and ended up waiting at Wal-Mart at midnight for an apparently overpriced Wii U. Its…um…for the kids…..right….

Anyhow, I had some wonderful memories of eating cereal in front of the NES while playing Mario in my pajamas when I awoke this am at around 0600 to play the new system with the kids. Thanks to that adventure in gaming, I was left with less than stellar motivation to ride and run today. But like an over Pabst’d guy in a bar with a mechanical bull, I mounted and hoped for the best. It didn’t help that my plan called for 4X10 minutes at my new FTP of 230w. In retrospect, I guess I could have had more beer:


Things went surprisingly well. I followed it up with a 4 mile jog on the treadmill and a one mile walk with the wife and kids. Video games, books, family, exercise: a good Sunday.

I’m looking forward to putting in some hardcore days coming up in order to get ready for arguably my favorite meal of the year. Everyone I know has been sending me this pic, and right now, I am seriously trying to figure out how to do this:

Look, as physician and a health fanatic, I know that we all need to watch our diets. I have even read some articles recently on how to keep eating on Thanksgiving small. But I also know we are humans. We can’t be strict all the time. And no one wants to hear how we are watching our calculating our caloric intake at Grandma’s Thanksgiving dinner. So when it comes to Thanksgiving, my advice is to live a little. Have more Turkey. Eat that piece of pumpkin pie. Grab a beer and watch the game. The time to watch the calories is when you are about to pull into McDonald’s for breakfast, again, two weeks from now. The time for relaxing, enjoying some home cooked food, and cherishing your family is Thanksgiving. Bon appetit!
PS: Want my quick synopsis on the Wii U? Its cool. But the software for it isn’t quite there yet. I say wait and watch.

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