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A familiar escalator in Sea-Tac.

A familiar escalator in Sea-Tac.

Just need to get a quick update out so the sponsors and friends know I haven’t been eaten by a grizzly bear out here. It’s the end of semester time for grad school, so that meant testing of a different type. I finished up two exams last weekend in Seattle and I’m writing two research articles, one of which is due in 2 weeks. That plus ramping up more at work and the family/baby duties has left me with barely enough time to use the bathroom let alone train.

Barely enough, but enough. I love this life.

After increasing my FTP to 230w, the first two weeks of the intermediate plan part II on Trainer Road was insane. Before the increase, I could make up time by crunching workouts one day after another. Yeah, my legs didn’t agree to that plan after the increase. Some of those workouts, like 5X10’ at 230, left me literally limping.

Fortunately, things are starting to settle out well. I just finished up 6X3’ between 230-280 and I feel pretty good. There may indeed be more power left in my legs after all. Can’t say the same for TrainerRoad though…I can’t get my damn program to work on my Mac. I can see my watts, so I can still train, but no workouts will download. The boys are working on it.

As for running, that also has turned for the better.  Similar to the bike, the first two weeks of 20 miles/week was pretty rough. Don’t laugh. Now though, the miles are rolling through easily at 8:30 pace. This weekend, I decided to add in some intervals finally at the awesome gym on top of the Sheraton Seattle (35th floor!!). Put in five miles starting at 8:30 and finishing the last half mile at 6:18.  No injures.

The swim is also coming along strong. I am averaging about 6000-8000y a week and I am planning on a big swim month. I’ve concentrated on form by shifting from 1000s to 100s over and over. Times steady at a comfortable 1:35/100y.

So overall, things are looking good heading into December…..and another birthday. For my 35th, I am thinking of ways to plan some sort of monster workout around the number 35. You know you’re a weird ass triathlete when what you ask for on your birthday is some time for a big training day.

At least I got some sun in Seattle.

At least I got some sun in Seattle.

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