Training Journal – 1/2/13

So for 2013, I thought I would keep the majority of my training postings on the blog. I pretty much want to use my Facebook for only really important things, like reposting Takei pics. Some of these may be short. Some maybe long. Today, is relatively short. Thus far, 2013 has been a pretty bad start training wise. First, I got a flat tire yesterday about 10+ minutes into my ride. I have to find some time to replace that tire later.For today, I started off with 3 miles on the track at 8:06 pace. I had to limit it today as I forgot my socks. I’m thinking this may actually be my last run in the current Newtons. Not too bad since I have had them since June 2011 (before Ironman Arizona). Hopefully my new Sauconys will come in the mail today or tomorrow. After that, I got in a horrible 2300y in the pool. Entire thing felt sluggish. Arms and shoulder felt like jelly. Put out an easy 1000 at 16:55. Then 100y mostly at 1:37 with a few 1:30’s. UGH.

And of course I had to eat the chili at potluck today, and my stomach feels like an entire dirigible is in there. This will be a great hit with the kids later. That’s okay; this happens. Tomorrow is another day.

About Ironvan

From couch potato to Ironman triathlete in 2 years.

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