Training Update 1/7/13

It was a tough first week of 2013. I am certainly praying this is not a trend for an unlucky year of the thirteen. To start things off, I attempted to do a sinister looking Trainer Road workout on Jan 1. Much to my amazement, a completely deflated rear tire greeted me that morning. I pumped it up and started the ride, but about 20 minutes in, it was already half soft. Guess I should have given it some Viagra.

Fortunately, I was able to compensate by doing some cross-country skiing with the family. It was our first time on the trails, and it was a BLAST. I am in love. Biathlon, here I come?

Wed, I got in a three-mile run at 8:06. Not too shabby. 2300 of poor swimming followed that.

Thursday, it was round 2 for Keeler Needle on Trainer Road. Painful and fun:

Screen Shot 2013-01-07 at 3.56.21 PM

Friday, I hammered it again with 4X9 minutes near 90% with 3X1 minute standing segments. I hate these workouts as I am about as smooth as a porcupine with a Mohawk when standing. Yet, I guess that’s why I need to do these. My legs were absolutely shelled as well. I am amazed how much standing, even when not on an actual hill, can zap my legs. For the last two intervals, I had to finally dial it down to 90%. Less than prescribed, but it was great pain and suffering still.

Screen Shot 2013-01-07 at 4.08.45 PM

Saturday, it was the start of ski school. While taking my kids up to the mountain eliminated by run and ride, it did provide my wife and I a chance to do some nice cross country skiing at Whitefish Golf Course.

I love living in Montana.

I love living in Montana.

Cross-country skiing has helped redefine a new level of suffering in the legs. No, it didn’t matter that I ran and rode a lot; this new activity freaking hurt plenty. And while the Chariot stroller I have is as smooth as butter on the snow, even with 2 kids in it, it was plenty heavy when trying to go uphill on skis.

This left me pretty shelled for Sunday. I had planned to do a six-mile recovery run on the dreadmill at 8:30. I even cued up a bunch of lame Dido-esque music for the calming experience I had planned. Unfortunately, my legs were so tired; it was a pretty painful six miles. But I got her done at 8:35.

Following that, I started the P90X ab routine. Something that has become clearer over the past year is that my constant running, riding, and swimming is working well in some parts of my body, but still leaving others weak. Some of the P90X maneuvers I could do easily. For others, I had as much skill as an armless angler in the desert. I’m trying to work on these deficits with more weights and cross training this year.

Today, I had a monster Trainer Road workout planned for the AM. However, my new infant son had other plans. He is going through some tough medical problems right now, and I spent the majority of the night managing rashes, vomit, and poop. I’m absolutely drained today. Plus, my hip flexors are killing me. This is a new sore for me, which I think must be a good thing. It is always nice to get “feedback” from the body. I think my new aforementioned new shoes and swim gear should show up today or tomorrow, so I will have plenty of motivation to get down and dirty tomorrow. Big plans for this week: time to retest the FTP!

Diet wise, things are going well. Eliminated all sweets from the house and my diet. My new favorite friend is the blender. I have been making my own smoothies at home, and my latest creation involves milk, fresh organic peanut butter, non-fat yogurt, and a banana. DIVINE. Weight has actually dropped down to where I want to be. I’m currently hanging out at around 137.



Stay tuned. New goodies coming in the mail!

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