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Girl Scouts Are Stealing My PR


There should be a badge for “Destroyed Triatlete’s Dreams.”



It’s been one hell of a three weeks since I last posted. Work, grad school, research, and writing all came together recently in an explosive chain reaction fit for a Nevada desert. Finally, with soul and liver scathed but intact, I have finally emerged from the trials of survival tonight. I even got a chance to watch Life of Pi finally. I’ve been so out of the loop lately, I thought it was going to be about a stranded Indian mathematician.

I’ll be honest. With everyone going on, I have been still training well, but I can’t remember the details at this point. I’m still riding about three times a week. Still doing my same short hard tempo, long tempo, and long run with repeats routine. Still swimming my butt off.

While I feel somewhat stronger, I certainly feel more drained. But that’s part of the game. Number’s wise, it’s looking good. My 5K times are feeling better and staying roughly the same despite going in tired. I think I may have a 21:00 in me. Riding has been brutal and I’m not sure if I will be moving my watts on the next FTP. With a good month under me, I am swimming faster than ever. It’s been nice to make some progress there.

As for the diet, I have basically pulled a Paula Dean. I found out my new kid is allergic to dairy and peanuts. Not the typically Asian lactose intolerance; I’m talking full on reaction. So, our house has gone basically dairy and peanut free. Getting rid of the nuts wasn’t so bad. Heck, I did that once already. But eliminating dairy has been as easy as converting a Master’s swim workout back from binary. At least the one good thing out of this truly miserable experience (most of all for my kid) is that the pizza and cake and ice cream have taken a permanent hike. Thank God he wasn’t allergic to hops.


In semi-related news (beer is always related to triathlon right) I have moved on from IPA into the world of Saison. I’m currently brewing up my own batch for the spring.

Fortunately, for the next few months, my non-triathlon workload should steadily descend from the Everest that was last week and I can hit the training harder after this relative recovery week. This is great timing actually as I have my first race coming up in April. Also, after only three years of broken promises, a couple of the local tri geeks and me were able to set up an ongoing Tuesday night track workout. Chasing after all those fast guys (which is pretty much everyone else) will certainly make my workouts much more productive.

Okay, time to catch up on some more movies!

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