TU: Easter Legs

photo (5)

This week has been like experimenting on your wedding anniversary: fun, painful, with the potential to end up in the emergency room. The non-triathlon life has balanced out as best a Type A personality could want. Also, the weather has also been warming up quite nicely for Montana, although I won’t be surprised if I wake up to two feet of snow sometime this week. Together, this allowed me to finally get outdoors, and boy what a painful relief.

Why painful? Fear not, I have not been chased by a Grizzly…yet. While it’s been fun to have more scenery than my closet door or garage while running/riding, boy or boy has it made my legs hurt. I have been running on the dreadmill pretty consistently this winter, but a few days on pavement made it seem like I was starting running all over again. I have pain in parts of my legs that I didn’t know could hurt….and I’m a doctor…..that doesn’t quack!

Despite the soreness, I have been running outside pretty consistently now. I’m hitting the track every Tuesday with the other triathlon guys and this is GREAT fun. Last week was 7 x 600s at 6:50 pace. I followed that up on Friday with nine miles with 30 intervals at 6:40ish.

Riding has taken a little more of a backseat. Earlier last week, I attempted a FTP test only to bonk out in the second lap. My first interval wasn’t any picnic either. I can’t win them all, and it looks like the FTP is staying at 235 for now. I was able to rebound with a TR’s Goethe on Saturday. I followed that up with a new and surprisingly painful workout later that day. I got on the bike and after warming up, I went to my FTP for two minutes. Then it was off in my running shoes for 2:30 at about 7:00 pace. I repeated this cycle 6 times. The last one definitely called for beer.

I must have recycled more or something this year, because Mother Nature rewarded me with a beautifully calm and sunny day yesterday. As soon as I could finish up work, I headed out for my first ride of the season. It was also my first ride on the new wheels. I was as timid as a Nun at a Nine Inch Nails concert, but this situation is a heck of lot better than the last few years, when my first ride was at the Grizzly Triathlon.

photo (3)

A beautiful view from Lone Pine State Park yesterday.


Swimming continues to be great and “boundary stretching.” No, I am not referring to my jammers. I’m swimming faster than ever, and I think I can finally break 16 minutes for 1000y. My PR was 16:06, and I have already put out a non-race 15:30 in March. That’s great and all, but I am dying at times while swimming. Pacing actually seems to be more of the problem right now.

photo (4)

Check out my new goggles. They look great. Too bad they fog like crazy.

Despite these small gains, I am less than excited because I am absolutely drained this week. For once, I think over-training may be hitting me. Yesterday and today’s swim felt sluggish and off mark. Today’s run on the track an absolute disaster. I knew I was hurting and I tried to take it easy. My warm up miles came up at 8:22 and 8:00. After that, I was so beat I walked/ran for another mile. Interestingly, I suddenly felt more energy and put out and comfortable 7:23. Still, this was nowhere what I wanted to be doing.

So, I am going to take the next few days off from any hard training. I am going to keep my legs and arms lose but nothing hard. Do some bike touring. Go for a leisure run in the sun. Ride like this:

I need a vacation.

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